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We have already seen a transformation of the entertainment world through the use of computer technology, and now Augmented Reality is adding another layer of excitement for a host of personal and shared activities. For many people, online experiences have enhanced their pursuit of meaningful hobbies. Online chats, forums, a plethora of videos and other types of information are now more widely available, as well as the ability to share ideas and techniques through many communication options. Augmented Reality offers an advanced level of immersiveness and interactivity with features that can be infinitely customized to be tailored to a particular field of interest, and ushers in a 3D interface unlike anything currently available.

Augmented Reality is enjoying a timely entrance into the software application marketplace. Access to smartphones with high resolution cameras and millions of skilled end users make it a perfect time to implement innovative AR concepts. While the concepts for individual applications are inspiring, it's the comprehensive scope of possibilities for a 3D interface that makes Augmented Reality a game changer in the way we relate to and use computer information.

It works like this. Using the camera on your smartphone, iPad or hands-free device, you can place the interface directly into your world, from your perspective. The interface resides inside your living room office or hotel. Photorealistic objects appear in the scene as if they sit inside the same light with shadows and reflections that update in real time. You will be able to interact with the objects to an unprecedented extent. Real objects can be enhanced with computer data. For example, hobbies that rely on close work, such as gunsmithing, knitting and leatherworking, can be equipped with detailed instructions layered over materials for advanced how to tutorials. Gardening can be enhanced with detailed horticultural data at your fingertips, recognizing plants and gardening tips for your specific plants and your specific garden environment. The use of AR is so soon to be widespread that we wonder how we did without it, much like the advent of the online experience itself.

As leading developers of innovative, award winning software, DDA would be pleased to guide you through the AR landscape. We launched our first AR project in 2009 and now, with the ubiquity of excellent hardware, the time is clearly right for software that meets the challenge. Our team of professional custom mobile software application designers and programmers have the knowledge and experience to listen closely with our clients, glean the core goals of the project, choose the correct platform for development and incorporate any special feature into the project, whether it includes Augmented Reality database management, e-learning portals, graphic design with 3D modeling and animation, as well as the full scope of professional multimedia production capabilities. Let's schedule a time to discuss the exciting possibilities of Augmented Reality and how it might enhance your business or organization goals.

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