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History of AR

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Augmented reality begins in Plato's cave myth, where it is argued that we are able to see only the shadows of the divine reality cast from God's light onto the back of our earthly cave, the first movie screen. Throughout humankind's history, we have attempted to create media which more thoroughly describes our reality in all of its fullness, and multimedia is the integration of different forms to create the deepest expression of our understanding. Before cinema, opera was the most inclusive and comprehensive medium, superseding Shakespeare's Globe Theater and the Italian Commedia dell'arte that preceded it. Now cinema has become eclipsed by the internet, and soon augmented reality will be able to contain the online experience within the boundaries of its 3D interface.

Timeline of AR Milestones

  • 1968 Ivan Sutherland's development of the first head mounted display system.
  • 1974 Myron Krueger's Videoplace, an immersive Artificial Reality Laboratory, uses video projectors with onscreen silhouettes to surround viewers with a real time, interactive environment.
  • 1990 Tom Caudell, a researcher at Boeing, coins the term, 'Augmented Reality'
  • 1992 Virtual Fixtures, an AR system developed for the Air Force by Louis Rosenberg, allows for interactive remote control of virtual machinery.
  • 1994 'Dancing in Cyberspace', the first Augmented Reality theatrical production, created by Julie Martin, features an integrated spectacle of live action and virtual objects.
  • 1998 Augmented Reality makes its way onto mainstream television with the first broadcast of the first down marker during a live NFL game.
  • 1999 A hybrid-synthetic vision system is employed for the enhanced navigation of NASA's X-38 spacecraft.
  • 2000 Hirokazu Kato's ARToolkit uses video tracking to overlay 3D computer graphics onto a video camera. The open source library is still widely used today.
  • 2003 Sportvision enhances its first down marker for the new football season by integrating it with the Skycam, the aerial mobile camera employed in stadiums throughout the country.
  • 2009 Augmented RealiTease develops its first Augmented Reality project.

Any significant step in the evolution of a new medium is marked by its ability to capture and contain the previous one. In other words, the new medium has the power to incorporate all of the previous medium's innovations within itself while advancing the terms of the new system. The photograph contained the painting, the film contained the photograph, the TV contained the film and, now the internet has captured the TV. Augmented Reality contributes to this evolution through the invention of a 3D interface, one that contains and deploys the traditional desktop interface within its three dimensional virtual axes, and provides the additional possibility of living within the interface, or the interface visiting your reality. The most of the possibilities for the expression of augmented reality are yet unexplored, but will play out in many exciting and unpredictable ways. Augmented reality will be able to place the virtual reality of custom software into your lived environment, allowing for avatars, 3D objects, floating graphics, and text to be introduced for any number of purposes, from entertainment, education, equipment operation, and much more.

As leaders in the world of custom mobile software development, Augmented RealiTease is ready to take on the challenge of AR and help businesses create inspiring, exciting, and highly useful applications that will make augmented reality an indispensable feature of the modern mobile device experience. Augmented RealiTease launched its first augmented reality project back in 2009, and the ubiquity of modern online devices with the capability to deliver high resolution graphics in real time brings the prospects of augmented reality to the fore. Augmented RealiTease's team of degreed professionals has the education and the experience to implement innovative ideas into the marketplace using a collaborative and deliverate production process that explores all opportunities for added value while keeping focused on the project's core goals. Located just outside Philadelphia, Augmented RealiTease's range of services in experiential marketing is one of the most comprehensive available either locally and nationally, with the ability to produce highly specialized custom software for any type of application. From database management, eLearning portals, 3D modeling, and animation, to advanced video technologies like 360-degree video arial drone video, and more, whatever the scope of the project, Augmented RealiTease strives to create interactive multimedia platforms that exceed client expectations and endure long into the future, with demonstratable, quantifiable results. Disccover the possibilities augmented reality has to offer you and your business or organization. Contact Augmented RealiTease today.

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