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A new generation of augmented reality software applications is poised to transform many of our activities, including the training and repair industry. Augmented reality represents the next advance in computer interface design, with a major step forward from virtual reality. By using a camera as the source of the interface, augmented reality has the ability to integrate virtual reality into a user's real world environment. Dynamically responsive virtual elements can be seamlessly integrated into a user's perspective, making it ideal for many types of hands-on AR training and certification applications. Apple and Android have recently launched their AR development platforms, named ARKit and ARCore respectively, making it possible for anyone with a smartphone or tablet to experience a new level of customized instructions and precisely guided training.

Augmented RealiTease is a full-service interactive multimedia company with a specific focus on the design and development of augmented reality applications. In response to the advent of ARKit and ARCore, Augmented RealiTease presents a set of advanced AR concepts geared towards training procedures and helping regulatory institutions enforce standards and practices in their respective industries. Hazmat Certification AR can be used by the hazmat certification training industry to guide technicians and trainees through the process of hazmat procedures in an augmented reality context.


Hazmat certification training is increasingly in demand, as more facilities are responding to more stringent requirements and subsequently, more need for reliable inspections and safety procedures. Standards are enforced by the U.S. Department of Transportation Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) for safety compliance and certification. Technicians are trained in hazmat certification repair technical programs, and Hazmat Certification AR can be used by the training industry to interactively detail the steps required for routine inspections, material handling procedures, required gear, entrance and exit procedures, and more.


Hazmat Certification AR has the potential to offer the PHMSA, OSHA, DoT, IATA, EPA and their related facilities an advanced method to train their staff in hazmat procedures, with augmented reality as their primary hands-on instructional manual. More effective methods for training staff are critical in the handling of hazardous materials, and Hazmat Certification AR can be used as a comprehensive training platform for the hazmat certification. By employing the dynamic and immersive properties of augmented reality, Hazmat Certification AR will be able to accelerate training and certification with safety measures approved by the hazmat certification industry.


Any business or facility that handles sensitive materials must comply with standards enforced by the Department of Transportation (DoT). Additionally, all staff must be retrained every three years to maintain compliance. The DoT has three classifications for their training requirements, depending on an individual's relationship to the hazmat process: general awareness training, function specific training, and security awareness training. Hazmat Certification AR can be developed to address each of these levels of training, and employ augmented reality as a means of delivering context specific text and support graphics when and where they're needed. As trainees move through a facility, floating text can appear in their camera view to direct them through each step of the process. Additional safety or security training is also required in certain applications, and OSHA may be the regulating body that oversees these types of specialized training.

Hazmat Certification AR can be developed to train prospective technicians and to guide technicians out in the field. Maintaining the highest standards for safety will be a top software development priority, and the application will be used in accordance with any applicable hazmat safety standards. By delivering precisely delivered instructions, augmented reality allows technicians to stay on track. Hazmat Certification AR will allow users to examine facilities and their contents with a smartphone or tablet. The application will direct the user through each step, and provide operational graphics such as arrows and vectors for real-time dynamic instruction.

For example, Hazmat Certification AR can be used orient trainees during a supply chain sequence at a storage facility. A user can scan material labels delivered to the site, and Hazmat Certification AR can deliver detailed product specs, as well as its hazmat classification. Staff unloading the materials will be advised to use specific gear and material handling equipment with audio instructions and floating text labels. Hazmat Certification AR can mark out the route on the floor with dynamic directional graphics to direct the user to the next area in the facility to transport the material. Specific storage requirements, including temperature humidity etc., as well as specific security requirements associated with each shipment, will appear dynamically at the next location, allowing trainees and technicians to observe storage standards before attending to the next shipment.

About Augmented RealiTease

Augmented RealiTease has award winning experience in virtually all forms of digital interactive multimedia design and development. With its first augmented reality project in 2009 Augmented RealiTease continues to lead the way forward in innovative software applications. The introduction of ARKit and ARCore has sparked the interest of developers, entrepreneurs, and business professionals across the entire spectrum of the software industry, and Augmented RealiTease is ready to meet the challenge. Located just outside Philadelphia, Augmented RealiTease has developed its expertise with a long list of satisfied repeat clients. A vertically integrated team of professional designers, programmers, and multimedia specialists are able to complete all aspects of a project in house, without the use of third party contractors. By keeping the project in house, Augmented RealiTease can control costs, maintain close contact with the client, ensure fully tested final results, and create a flawless end user experience across every platform to every device. Whether the project includes continuing medical education (CME) and other eLearning platforms to videos, animations, mobile apps, and or any other type of software design or development, Augmented RealiTease will work closely with you to meet your project goals and exceed your expectations,. If you are interested in developing Hazmat Certification AR, or if you want to learn more about augmented reality and its impact on your industry, contact Augmented RealiTease today.

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