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More Augmented Reality applications are being developed each month as software creators, entrepreneurs, and innovators witness the many advantages and benefits of using this 3D interface. Since the introduction of Apple’s and Android’s new Augmented Reality platforms, ARKit and ARCore, respectively, anyone with a smartphone, tablet, or hands-free device can access AR applications that are highly immersive, interactive, and instructive. As developers of award-winning custom mobile software applications, DDA has a number of exciting concepts for Augmented Reality that range from

virtual simulations to aid in surgical training and robotic surgery, to applications for gardening, applying nail polish, and even hairstyling. By using your camera lens as an interface, you can apply a hairstyle to your selfie and see exactly what you’re getting into before committing to a cut. Better visualization tools lead to better decision making and whether it’s a nail color, a tattoo, or a hairstyle. Augmented Reality will equip you with ways to make better decisions for all kinds of activities, products, and services.


The new generation is highly attuned to the online experience, and their smartphone acts as the portal to their social life, shopping, and use of services. Using Augmented Reality to make decisions about their next hairstyle will come naturally to them, and Augmented Reality makes the experience even more seamless and easy to use. As more people become acclimated to the Augmented Reality landscape, more people will come to use AR applications in their everyday life, and hairstyling is bound to become a popular application for a worldwide clientele.


Hairstyling is one of the most enduring professions, and better tools for clients and prospective stylists give a great boost to the industry. Furthermore, establishing a great Augmented Reality simulation program will be a powerful and profitable application in a competitive market where cost effective training methods that reduce risks are welcome and will be readily integrated into the profession of hairstyling.


The application can work in several ways. One aspect of the application can focus on the buyer side. A client can select a hairstyle from a menu of choices, with the ability to customize, add colors, highlights, and other features. They can apply it to their selfie and make comparison images to show their friends and family. The interactivity of AR makes it possible to sport a virtual hairstyle in 3D, and shifts in shadows and highlights can be rendered in real-time for a truly photorealistic effect.

On the instructional side, the hairstyling application can teach prospective hairstylists to cut hair to a professional level by interacting with a virtual head with a virtual head of hair. Different types of hair can be selected, and interactive instruction arrows can give you guidance through each step as you work your way to a highly-polished result.

DDA is all about developing meaningful and cost effective experiences, with software that delivers on innovation and function. We have developed software and all types of experiential marketing for the internet since its inception, and we launched our first AR project in 2009. Our studio is located just outside of Philadelphia for convenient access, and our experienced team of degreed professionals can address any custom software development challenge, whether it includes 3D computer modeling and animation, graphic design, multimedia, database management, and any type of software design and programming. DDA creates all of the software components in-house, so we can maintain full communication with our clients during the entire course of project. DDA’s streamlined quality control process ensures a flawless end user experience and a robust final product that exceeds our clients’ expectations. If you would like to hear more about our hairstyling application, or if you have another application idea you think will be well suited to Augmented Reality development, we’d love to hear more about it.

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