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Augmented reality has emerged as one of the most exciting developments in computer technology, with the potential to reach into and improve many of our activities and industries. From entertainment, education, simulation training, and more, augmented reality's dynamic 3D computer interface enhances the way we relate to computer information. One of the key ways AR can be used is to boost public events, and political events like elections, polls, conventions, and public presentations can all make use of the immersive and interactive features of augmented reality. Since the introduction of both Apple's and Android's ARKit and ARCore, their respective AR platforms, anyone with a mobile device can access high quality AR application experiences. Augmented reality uses the camera on an online device to create an interface with the capability to integrate many different types of data into one unfolding experience. The interface shifts with a user's movements and updates in real time, adding a layer of computer graphics, text, and audio onto a user's vantage point.

Augmented reality can be used to coordinate an entire campaign and act as a centralized source of information for a coalition of people who can connect online and be kept abreast of any breaking developments. Navigation tools can be provided for events, and an array of application features can be folded into a campaign package. From multimedia presentations, real-time poll data, avatar guides and virtual attire for party members, augmented reality has a wide variety of features to offer interested political parties and government members who see the advantages of incorporating Augmented Reality into their efforts.

Augmented RealiTease leads the way in customized mobile software application development, with years of award-winning experience and a long list of satisfied clients, ranging from heavy industry, manufacturing, medical organizations, education, and

entertainment. The Augmented RealiTease studios are located just outside of Philadelphia, and its team of full-time, seasoned professionals has the experience and skill to mobilize on a project quickly and effectively. Augmented RealiTease does all of its work in house, and does not outsource any part of the project to other parties. This allows for the maintainence of consistent communication with clients at all steps of development, and facilitates delivery of end results that are fully tested for a flawless end-user experience across all platforms and every device. Augmented RealiTease finds innovative solutions and uses its methodical, iterative process to produce reliable, engaging, and easy-to-use software. From database development, eLearning, 3D computer modeling and animation, multimedia effects and production, and any type of custom software programming and design to complete the project. If you would like to learn more about how augmented reality apps can be used in a govermment context, or if you have a specific idea you feel would be well suited to augmented reality application design, contact us today.

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