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While many industries and activities are beginning to incorporate Augmented Reality, governmental activities will also be impacted by the advent of this exciting 3D interface. Apple and Android have introduced their Augmented Reality development platforms, named ARKit and ARCore, and this has opened the market for new Augmented Reality apps to be developed across the entire software development landscape. Anyone with a smartphone, tablet, or AR eyewear can access Augmented Reality apps using the camera as the source of the interface. Photorealistic graphics can render environments, introduce avatars, and 3D virtual objects can be manipulated and programmed with the ability to deliver real time sensory feedback for a fully immersive and interactive simulation experience..

DDA can see the advantages for many industries to develop new application concepts.

As pioneers in VMS, or Virtual Medical Simulations, we see many opportunities to expand the use of AR from enhancing robotic surgery and other cutting edge procedures to governmental operations and political campaigns


There is always a demand for governmental programs to become more efficient and the advent of a robust Augmented Reality development platform will be very useful for governmental applications moving forward. As virtual portal of information, Augmented Reality will help government officials to source data more easily, navigate material more quickly, and facilitate their activities and services.


The flexibility and the relatively low development cost for Augmented Reality apps will make for a universally available platform for testing ideas, launching campaigns, acquiring up-to-date polling data, train officials and employees, and to create a new paradigm for immersive government, one that is more responsive and ready to serve the public.


The opportunities for augmented reality government apps are exciting and a widespread augmented reality portal for municipal, state, and federal government will provide a working template for many types of governmental operations. The key advantage of augmented reality is the ability to provide information without cutting you off from your environment, or requiring extensive shuffling through information to facilitate making a decision. Augmented reality can put this information into an integrated format to expedite meetings, facilitate committees, gather polling data, and distribute information to people working out in the field.

Towards this end, Augmented RealiTease proposes a tiered platform of applications that serve to establish a method for governmental organizations to incrementally adopt augmented reality into their interface of operations. Much of the delay in government action is the one-on-one interface between citizens and governmental processing like passports, licenses, taxes, and any other type of situation where bottlenecks can be frequent and waiting times are high. Like the rising telehealth industry, where AR is used to improve health delivery systems, a mobile government app employing AR can be used for facial recognition to speed up processing. A government official can use the facial recognition capability of AR to dynamically link the face to the pertinent records. Details can be interactively called up onto an AR eyewear lens without ever having to look away from the person's face for a better interaction and streamlined information retrieval and processing.

Augmented RealiTease is an augmented reality application design and development company with an extensive background in the production of all types of interactive multimedia. Augmented RealiTease's extensive experience with many types of software development, including database development, eLearning and certification programs, 3D computer modeling and animation, graphic design and multimedia production, or any type of custom software design and programming. Augmented RealiTease launched its first AR project in 2009, and received the Tabby Award for the Best Healthcare iPad App of 2012. The introduction of ARKit and ARCore makes this an exciting and advantageous time to create innovative, cost-effective solutions for governmental and political applications. Its vertically integrated studios, located just outside of Philadelphia, is staffed with a team of degreed professionals with one of the most comprehensive skill sets of any application design and development company. Augmented RealiTease does all of the work in-house, without outsourcing to other parties. This helps keep production costs under control while maintaining excellent communication with our clients during the process. The final result is always fully tested to ensure a flawless and engaging end user experience across every platform and device. For deep engagement, effortless user experiences, innovative interactivity, and gorgeous design, look no further than Augmented RealiTease.

To learn more about government augmented reality applications, or to discuss some of your own ideas, contact us today.

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