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Augmented reality promises to be a game changer for the computer programming industry, ushering in a wholly different way to display and experience information. As an innovative developer of custom mobile application software, Augmented RealiTease is pleased to present a number of compelling ways this change can be implemented. There are a host of great application possibilities, ideas with the potential to transform all types of activities we take for granted. For example, Augmented RealiTease's concept for perfecting your golf swing, Golf-It, is a great way to be introduced to AR, and to take

advantage of what it has to offer, both as education and entertainment. Augmented reality can add layers of computer graphics and information directly into the view from your device's camera, whether it's a smartphone, tablet, or a hands-free device like Google Glass or Microsoft Hololens. This interactive 3D computer interface can add all sorts of information and graphics, from 3D models and photorealistic objects, to floating text, directional graphics, and more. The immersive and almost limitless properties of augmented reality make learning a compelling and memorable experience, in a classroom setting or out on the links.


Golf is a hugely popular sport around the world for people of all ages, and, as many people know, the sport can become an obsession. Like archery, bowling, and other sports, golf depends on perfecting and repeating one simple gesture; the swing. A simple, graceful swing that can be readily duplicated is the holy grail of golf, as it has rewarded many a champion. Although seemingly simple, it is very difficult to remain consistent and to duplicate the gesture perfectly every time. Golf-It addresses this issue head on with interactive tools that can advance your game better than coaching books or helpful advice from your friends out on the course.


Golf-It has the potential to change your game for the better, and to add an application that makes it more fun for everyone, from beginners who want to see how far they are from perfect, or perfectionists who want to see how far they can go. Interactivity with the real-world environment around a user is a key advantage augmented reality has over other learning methods and fine adjustments during the game can make the crucial difference.


Golf-It can be used in a group setting with smartphones, tablets, or accessed personally with a hands-free device. When sharing an outing with your friends, you can all use Golf-It to evaluate each other's swing by capturing your friend's turn on a smartphone or tablet camera. Golf-It will show the weaknesses and inconsistencies of the swing, compare it with others you have done during the day, and compare it with an optimized swing. Golf-It makes suggestions with velocity, angle, and position with arrows and other graphic indicators. Especially with a hands-free device Golf-It offers even more interactivity. You can receive real-time suggestions about approach, teeing setup, as well as detailed information afterwards. All of the swings of the day can be tallied and compared to indicate how much your swing was improved, problem areas, and suggestions for the future.

Augmented RealiTease is located just outside Philadelphia, and close to the links at Huntington Valley. Augmented RealiTease leads the field of experiential marketing and has been involved with augmented reality since the launch of our first AR project in 2009. The range of services provide under one roof by Augmented RealiTease is unmatched, locally or nationally, and includes graphic design, drone videography, virtual games, eLearning portals, 3D modeling and animation, database development, custom software design and programming, and more. Because all its work is done in house, Augmented RealiTease is able to ensure an integrated end product that operates seamlessly and exceeds clients' expectations. If you want to know more about Golf-It, or if you have another exciting concept for an augmented reality application, contact us today.

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