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Augmented Reality is being implemented for an expanding array of new mobile applications, and many of the sciences can make great use of this immersive and interactive 3D interface as well. Both Apple and Android introduced their respective platforms for Augmented Reality, named ARKit and ARCore, and this development will serve to open up this exciting 3D interface to a wider audience of developers, entrepreneurs, and end users worldwide. As a leading Augmented Reality app company, DDA can see the advantages for many industries to develop new application concepts. Anyone with a smartphone, tablet, or AR eyewear can access Augmented Reality apps, the field for innovation and creativity is wide open. Using the camera

as the source of the interface, high resolution graphics can alter the setting, rendering new environments layered into your world with photorealistic vividness. Lifelike avatars can act as guides or instructors for both entertainment and advanced instruction. 3D virtual objects can be manipulated in real time and programmed with haptic intelligence. This gives developers the opportunity to create tools and equipment that deliver real time sensory feedback for a fully engaging and ‘hands-on’ simulation experience. DDA is an Augmented Reality app developer with extensive experience with VMS, or Virtual Medical Simulations, and we see many opportunities to expand the use of AR from medical practice to a series of apps for the sciences.


The study of the sciences faces a distinct challenge. There is a definite need to create tools that keep up with the latest technical developments in their respective fields, and engage students in meaningful experiences that also impart more hands-on skill development. As the sciences develop in complexity and technological sophistication, education needs to provide users with a deeper understanding that allows them to retain the information in more lasting and meaningful way. Augmented Reality has the potential to do just that, and allow scientists and developers to create applications with the power to create simulation experiences customized to the needs of each branch of science.


Augmented Reality apps for the sciences offer many potential advantages. Because it is a virtual platform, AR will make for a highly, cost effective learning platform for the sciences. With the ability to create environments at any spatial or time scale, AR has the flexibility to develop apps that fit into an established curriculum and expand the possibilities for training and professional certification. Risk free simulations provide vivid simulations in a safe and immersive format. AR can be crafted to create excellent field tools that can be customized for proprietary systems with the ability to edit and update as needed.


In the classroom setting, online in study sessions, or visiting areas of geologic interest for both amateurs and professionals, apps for geology will soon become a standard method for interacting with the science of geology.


An Augmented Reality app geared for the classroom can make learning experiences for students that enhance their understanding of geology. As they examine real samples of rocks, virtual text labels can link to them dynamically with information as to type, geographic location of the sample, as well as graphic diagrams of the underlying chemical structure. Simulation of seismic activity can vividly bring volcanism and subduction simulations directly into a student’s viewpoint, and students can share in simulations that allow for networked activity. They can build a river in a landscape from a stream and manipulate it to form bed shifts, winding curves and oxbow lakes as it ages.


The geology app can also be accessed anywhere, for a simulation of tectonic activity, formation of igneous sedimentary and metamorphic rock, and detailed timelines of fault or riverbed shifts over thousands of years. Tourists can scan a landscape and gather detailed geologic information from their surroundings, from the granite of Yosemite to the sandstone of Chaco canyon.


AR apps for geology also have the potential to scan and analyze a geologic landscape from the macro scale to the microstructure of crystals and minerals. For mining and oil industries, a geology app can give fieldwork new tools to enhance site visits and aid technicians to gather operational data more fluidly and more quickly. A field of mineheads and their current operational status can be examined at a glance with virtual markers that locate areas of interest.

DDA is an innovative Augmented Reality app company with extensive experience with challenging projects for many industries, and a long list of satisfied repeat clients. After our first AR project in 2009 we could see the many ways its 3D interface could be applied in the future. Now, with the introduction of ARKit and ARCore there’s never been a more feasible and advantageous time to create innovative mobile apps for the sciences. We received the Tabby Award for the Best Healthcare iPad App of 2102, and we use a logical step-by-step approach to innovation for software that delivers maximum value for our clients. Located just outside of Philadelphia, our vertically integrated studio has established one of the most comprehensive skill set of any Augmented Reality app company anywhere. Our team of experienced, fully degreed professionals is prepared to handle any software development challenge in-house.

Whether the project requires extensive database management, eLearning and certification programs, 3D computer modeling and animation, graphic design and multimedia production, or any type of custom software design and programming, DDA’s streamlined process keeps production costs under control, and maintains excellent communication with our clients.

If you would like to know more about our Augmented Reality app for Geology, or if you have an idea you think is well suited for Augmented Reality, we’d be happy to set up a time to discuss it in detail.

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