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Games are often at the leading edge of mobile software application development because of the high demand for innovation in this industry, and Augmented Reality is about to change the rules again. The wide availability of online devices like the smartphone, tablet and hands-free options make for a gaming boom, with a host of portals and highly skilled end users. Augmented Reality has the power to immerse gamers into their world of computer graphics more thoroughly and interactively than ever before, with features built into the 3D interface other platforms cannot match. High resolution, photorealistic modeling of 3D computer objects, avatars, and environments can be layered into your reality from the camera viewpoint, with shadows and reflections that follow changes in your environment. This makes the experience even more immersive, as well as with other elements that can be introduced into the scene; floating points, arrows, and other graphic elements can guide gamers through an environment, indicate special zones, and provide operational instructions. Floating text, charts, and other graphics can also be introduced into the setting, enhanced by online chat, guided instructions, and the sound effects we have come to expect with any high quality gaming platform.

With the flexibility and open ended structure of AR, the 3D interface can be developed for any type of gaming scenario, whether it’s an action based model, adding layers of people, places, and things to board games of all types, or some other gaming type inspired by the unique properties of AR. As a next generational development, AR is taking the interactivity of the Wii and the convenience of the smartphone to amp up the gaming experience, while creating a whole new culture of AR applications for businesses worldwide.

DDA is a leading developer of all types of experiential marketing, and we have the skills and the background to help our customers navigate the new AR territory. Our award winning custom mobile software is created through a close association with our clients. We determine the core goals of any project and employ the best tools for the job. Our team of degreed professionals can use any platform appropriate to the task instead of shoehorning it into a template or familiar methods. Because we do not outsource any of our work, we are able to ensure seamless integration of all components and a satisfying experience for the end user. We launched our first AR project in 2009 and can produce any type of production feature necessary to make a superior product; from virtual games and e-learning, to 3D computer modeling and animation, DDA is ready to hear about your ideas to help you create a future in Augmented Reality for your business.

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