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Augmented reality is poised to transform many of our activities, with features designed to enhance all types of experiences. While AR will prove to be highly useful for advanced training and other types of technical processes, it will also provide innovation and opportunity in the world of food and cuisine. From surgical training to equipment operation, travel, and entertainment, augmented reality will change the way we relate to the world around us, with advanced features designed to enhance, inform, and inspire. Augmented RealiTease is an award-winning developer of mobile software applications, and is excited about the prospects of AR and its numerous capabilities in many industries. The world of food, from the garden to the dinner plate, can make use of AR and will enhance the experience of travel and cooking for an enriched approach to the use of digital media and its enhancement of our interactions with the world around us.

Augmented reality applications can be accessed through your mobile device, whether it's a smartphone, tablet or hands-free device like Google Glass. Applications for recipes can enhance your personal kitchen with virtual details, from floating text to operational diagrams that update in real time. 3D objects and avatars with photorealistic shading can be introduced into the scene as well, providing advice or showing off details of the finished product. Restaurant applications can offer updated details about the food and drink available in an establishment, and alternative environments can be layered onto your experience. Travel can be enhanced, offering details about the restaurants and markets you encounter along your itinerary. New methods for connecting our experience with food will be discovered along the way, and DDA is eager to explore the AR landscape with our clients and their prospective customers.

Augmented RealiTease has been involved with augmented reality since its first appearance on the internet scene in 2009, and has the capability to implement innovative ideas and maximize their reach and impact in the competitive marketplace. Located just outside Philadelphia, the Augmented RealiTease studios are equipped to handle any special production requirement. The staff, comprised of a team of degreed and highly experienced professional software programmers and designers, writers, graphic designers, and multimedia specialists, can develop nearly any type of custom mobile software application and integrate it into a seamless, memorable, and satisfying experience for the end user. Augmented RealiTEase focuses on cost-effective results that can be measured and tracked, demonstrating long-lasting value that exceeds client expectations. If you would like to know more about how augmented reality by Augmented RealiTease can enhance your business, contact us today.

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