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Augmented Reality is becoming increasingly more popular as a means of interacting with computer information, and DDA is excited about the future of AR development. Apple and Android have opened up the possibilities for AR apps with their introduction of ARKit and ARCore, their respective platforms for Augmented Reality, giving a new generation of entrepreneurs, developers, and industry innovators

the opportunity to implement new AR applications across the entire spectrum of software development, from advanced training to entertainment and hobbies. With a wider audience for AR, apps for all types of industries and activities can be developed that incorporate this exciting 3D interface, and Food Travel is one concept among many we at DDA believe will have great potential in the market worldwide.


Orientation during travel is more than simple navigation. Travel guides in book form or even online can prove cumbersome when you’re on the go. Augmented Reality has the capability to provide real time data in a dynamic interface that streamlines the information and meshes it seamlessly into your travelling experience. This way it’s easier to get the best food in the best places without undue paging through guides or online reviews.


The immersive and interactive properties of AR can make it feel like you’re being accompanied through a city’s restaurants and markets by a seasoned local, and add pleasure to the travelling experience. Nothing makes travel more pleasurable than the finest regional food, and our Food Travel app can give full flavor to the experience.


Using the camera on your smartphone, tablet, or even a hands-free option like AR eyewear, travelers can access the Food Travel app to scan the culinary landscape. As you survey the location, whether you’re in a thriving local market or in the restaurant district, dynamically uploaded text labels can identify exotic food, convert prices to a preferred currency in real time, and compare them to other nearby sellers for quality and price. Special products of notable quality and seasonal availability put you in the know, and allow you to make the most informed decisions in an active and complex range of choices. Whether you’re negotiating the price of prosciutto in and around the arcades of Bologna, or navigating through the labyrinth of the bazaar in Istanbul, the food travel app will enhance the experience, with immersive features designed around the region and its special delicacies.

DDA is an Augmented Reality app company committed to innovation and market performance. We developed our first AR project in 2009, and we maintain an extensive list of satisfied repeat clients. The introduction of ARKit and ARCore has opened up the floodgates for innovative AR development, and DDA is uniquely poised to implement exciting AR content. DDA is located just outside of Philadelphia, and we take a logical step-by-step approach to innovation. Our vertically integrated studio has developed one of the most comprehensive skill sets of any Augmented Reality app company anywhere, either nationally or locally, and our team of experienced designers, programmers, and multimedia specialists are ready to take on any software development challenge in house, without resorting to third parties to complete the project.

Whether the project requires extensive database management, eLearning and certification programs, 3D computer modeling and animation, graphic design and multimedia production, or any type of custom software design and programming, DDA’s streamlined approach keeps production costs under control and ensures a flawless and engaging end user experience across every platform and to every device, while maintaining excellent communication with our clients during the entire process.

If you would like to know more about our Augmented Reality app for Food Travel, or if you have another concept for an Augmented Reality app, we’d be happy to set up a time to discuss the many possibilities.

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