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Augmented reality has the potential to make a significant impact on many types of interests and activities, with features that enhance and enrich the experience. Using the camera on a smartphone or tablet, the AR interface layers in virtual graphics that can be customized to provide real-time information for instruction, or to create a world of photorealistic graphics, complete with shadows, highlights, and reflections that update in real time. Originally developed as an interface for robotic surgical procedures, both Apple and Android can see the many possibilities augmented reality holds in store for a world of software applications.

They have responded with ARKit and ARCore, their respective AR development platforms. This development is a dramatic advance towards making AR a mainstream reality with a wide availability for developers and users alike. Augmented RealiTease is an award-winning interactive multimedia developer with a focus on the design and development of augmented reality applications, and has a number of concepts we invite you to consider for implementation.


Fly fishing is a much loved sport, offering the challenge of craft, the mastery of skills, and the practical reward of a delicious meal. AR Fly Fishing celebrates the craft of creating custom flies for fishing and develops the skill of casting for an immersive and interactive experience that engages the user and adds vital information in a vivid format.


AR Fly Fishing will put a new spin on this time honored hobby and attract a whole new generation of users to the simple pleasures of the outdoors. As a cost-effective and convenient app, AR Fly Fishing can be used to support the actual act of fly making and fly casting, or effectively simulate the experience anywhere, anytime, so experts can keep their skills sharp away from the water, and engage a novice before they try the real thing.


AR Fly Fishing will have two distinct components; the first uses augmented reality to guide users through the often complex steps required to create a fly. A complete menu of fly tying tools and accompanying virtual graphics guides you through the steps required to make a first rate fly. Augmented reality excels in a format that demonstrates the steps required to do close work at a table, making it ideal for a fly tying applications. The tools include a vice to secure the hook, a menu of available hooks, a bobbin with thread and a threader with a wire loop. Using scissors and a dubbing wheel for a dubbing loop body, virtual graphics provide the details of creating salmon flies and shrimps, sea trout flies, nymphs, etc. A selection of different dubbing types are used to create different types of insects to attract certain types of fish, as well as an assortment of hackle types with a wide variety of colors. The session ends with details on using a wood finish tool to thread the hook, wind it around, and secure the line by coiling it over the line to complete the fly.

The second component of AR Fly Fishing focuses on the experience of casting a fly and perfecting the motion of casting. Unlike drop line fishing, fly fishing is an artful act of coordination, where the fisherman attracts fish to the surface of the water by lighting the fly just above or kissing the water's surface. This action is repeated quickly over and over to simulate the effect of a fly, and often produces the satisfying result of a fish leaping into the air to take the bait. AR Fly Fishing has the potential to provide this experience in almost any setting, with the capability to simulate the equipment, the environment, and the experience of perfecting your skills.

About Augmented RealiTease

DDA is a full-service interactive multimedia developer that formed Augmented RealiTease to focus on the design and development of augmented reality applications. With a team of seasoned designers, programmers, and multimedia specialists, they have developed one of the most comprehensive skill sets of any software developer anywhere. With a deep experience in the creation of cutting edge software, Augmented RealiTease has made original contributions to virtually all forms of digital interactive multimedia design and development. Augmented RealiTease has garnered Tabby Awards in both 2012 and 2014 for two of its own original tablet applications, and multiple awards for interactive web design and search engine marketing. Augmented RealiTease uses a methodical and iterative approach and completes every aspect of the project in house, without the use of third-party subcontractors. Clients are fully informed during the course of the entire project, and excellent quality control ensures that all project components are fully integrated, making for a seamless and effective end user experience across all platform and for every device. Learn more about augmented reality. Become a part of this exciting new future. Capitalize on the possibilities and contact us today.

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