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As audio books, video games, and films all strive to enhance narrative content, augmented reality has the potential to take it a step further. Offering a compelling level of immersion and vividness, as well as a real-time graphics, augmented reality will find appeal to board audiences. The wide availability of devices like the smartphones and tablets

make AR more accessible than ever, and more feasible for developers to create applications for many types of interests and industries. Augmented RealiTease's concept for storytelling, Fireside AR, makes full use of the immersive capabilities of augmented reality to engage listeners in a story, with illustrated support graphics that come alive as the story unfolds.


The intermingling of text with images has been around ever since mankind has produced texts, with a long history of illustrated manuscripts. The first printed books were also illustrated, and the tradition has continued into the modern era. There is a direct line of graphic tradition from the Bayeaux tapestries to the illustrated children's books of the 19th century like Alice in Wonderland, and into films like Wizard of OZ and Disney's animated features. Fireside AR incorporates everything that went before into the 3D interface of augmented reality, making text and graphics that reside directly inside the camera viewpoint of your device.


The frontier for a more immersive storytelling experience is wide open, with the opportunity to develop new imagery for traditional stories, new stories, and new ways for stories to interact with images and listeners. Fireside AR is part of an ambitious series of AR app explorations Augmented RealiTease is undertaking. Fireside AR will enliven the experiece of storytelling with visuals that will pull listeners into the story and get them feeling the narratives in a more visceral way.


Accessing the application through a smartphone, tablet, or hands-free device, a child, family, or individual can select a story. They will have the option to watch and listen to a narrated spectacle or to read the story with additional supports. A family member can elect to read the story themselves as well. The 3D landscape of the story can be introduced directly into the family setting, with each member watching the visuals unfold from their unique perspective. 3D characters, objects, and other graphics can be delivered in real time with photorealistic accuracy or imaginative vividness. Augmented reality also offers an unprecedented level of interactivity, so the storyteller can slow down or pause the action for dramatic effect. The text can play a role in the spectacle as well, with floating text inside the scene, as if in an illustrated book come to life.

Augmented RealiTease is an award-winning developer of mobile applications and other interactive software, with wide ranging experience with all types of multimedia. The company's first experience with AR was back in 2009 with the launch of its first augmented reality project, and the company is excited about the future of AR for its clients and their customers. Augmented RealiTease provides an expensive range of services to our clients, with a methodical, iterative approach that keeps communication open and ensures the best possible outcomes for achieving initial project goals. Its team of seasoned professionals can tackle nearly any type of custom mobile software development challenge and incorporate any special features that may be discovered which can help add value by maximizing impact and market appeal. Let us know if you would like to explore the Fireside AR concept further, or would like to share your own ideas for augmented reality. Contact us today.

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