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The interactive 3D capabilities of augmented reality are poised to transform how we interact with the world around us in myriad ways. While the proliferation of online restaurant reviews and photos of food have already had an impact on how people dine and choose restaurants, the advent of AR applications for enhanced dining will provide entrepreneurs, restaurant owners, and fast food franchises new opportunities to attract more customers, enliven their/p>

experience with cost-effective entertainment, enhance the ordering process, and offer fast food chains numerous ways to expand their brand identity. Augmented RealiTease is a leading developer of custom mobile software applications, and launched its first AR project back in 2009. Apple's introduction of ARKit in 2017, as well as the widespread use of smartphones, tablets, and hands-free devices makes the implementation of AR concepts even more advantageous, and gives the world of fast food myriad ways to energize their business.


The fast food industry has seen some significant challenges in recent years, and developers of restaurant franchises need to add value and to attract customers with more innovation in a competitive marketplace. Automated kiosks and robotic staff can be one way to streamline operations, but AR is another technique for using the latest in interactive technology to enhance dining. The immersive and interactive properties of augmented reality make it ideal for customized food orders, and for the setting for the restaurant to be changed at the pleasure of the customer.


Augmented reality truly has the potential to transform the traditional bricks-and-mortar dining experience into something special and unprecedented. Fast food chains in particular are ideal for this type of development because it is an investment in virtual systems that will deliver long-term value in a competitive world, distinguish themselves from smaller restaurant developers, and provide innovation among its competitors, and all without additional investment in costly construction.


The AR Fast Food augmented reality application is a great example of how interactive 3D features of augmented reality can be used both to enhance customer engagement and improve business functions. Upon arrival to the restaurant, smartphone and tablet users can access the AR Fast Food app associated with that particular brand. Orders can be placed from a 3D menu, with any questions fielded by a custom 3D avatar. The interactive capabilities of augmented reality will shine here because it can be readily updated and customized cost effectively. Patrons can then look at the suggested ingredients, preview what the dish will look like, and modify the ingredients to their liking. The final custom order can then be placed through an online transaction based upon the user's input into the AR Fast Food app.

As the patrons prepare to eat, the experience can be customized through the AR application. Each diner can use their unique camera perspective to place themselves in a different 3D computer modeled environment skinned on top of the restaurant around the diner. They can even adjust the appearance of the other diners in the restaurant for an adventurous and entertaining experience. The entire scenario—the architecture, the colors, the characters, and the entire brand identity—can be modeled and refashioned for cost-effective value the customers can interact with and enjoy. AR can transform a bricks and mortar establishment into a launching pad for interactive entertainment for the whole family.

Augmented RealiTease specializes in crafting interactive experiences that contribute to learning and enhanced functioning. Augmented RealiTease takes innovative concepts and applies a robust development process to deliver real, measurable results that demonstrate tangible value. The Augmented RealiTease studios are located just outside Philadelphia, and feature one of the most comprehensive in-house skills sets of any software development company in the country. Augmented RealiTease does not outsource any of its work, keeping client communications consistent and reducing development costs. This streamlined approach keeps the focus core goals of the project and explores all opportunities for added value that may be uncovered in process to ensure the best final product. To learn more about the AR Fast Food app, or discuss any ideas you may have for augmented reality, contact us today.

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