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It is clear that the innovations of augmented reality are going to change business and education. The family circle will also be able to take advantage of the new interactive 3D interface that coordinates the real world with virtual objects, images, and information. The internet and the online experience has seen many changes in its short history, and augmented reality is going to prove to be one of the most exciting and dramatic developments of its kind. The widespread availability of smartphones, tablets, and hands-free devices make the implementation of AR more attractive and more feasible than ever, and the time is ripe for the deployment of new ideas and new ways to explore them. Now, anyone with an online device will be able to immerse themselves in a 3D computer landscape that merges seamlessly with their reality, from their unique perspective. Augmented RealiTease is a leading developer of mobile software applications, and foresees the many ways that augmented reality can be introduced into the online landscape. Ideas for using augmented reality apps to enhance family life are below

How it works: you access an augmented reality app from your smartphone, tablet, or hands-free device. Your camera view sets the perspective for the AR app. The app will provide any number of 3D elements: virtual avatars can act as guides, teachers, or storytellers; photorealistic objects will adjust to the light and shadow in your room and update in real time; and diagrams, graphics, and floating text, and much more, can be layered directly into your own environment. You can even interact with objects in the area, learning how to operate appliances and equipment. Gardening apps can grant you greater insight into your gardening, enhancing the outdoors with added information about your plants and providing helpful tips about their care as you move around. From teaching, sports, and hobbies, to housekeeping and raising children, augmented reality applications will be used more and more to strengthen family lfe.

Augmented RealiTease has been involved with augmented reality since its first project in 2009. Its skill set for experiential marketing is one of the most comprehensive available, either locally or nationally. Located outside Philadelphia, its facilities are equipped with a professional editing suite and sound booth. The designers and motion artists at Augmented RealiTease provide graphic design, 3D computer modeling, and animation for games, interactive immersive environments, virtual simulations, and augmented reality applications, and its team of degreed webmasters, interface designers, and computer programmers ensure a perfect integration of the parts and a seamless experience for the end user. Learn more about how augmented reality applications can improve family life, or share your own ideas for the use of augmented reality. Contact us today.

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