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Augmented reality is going to be used for all types of situations, from advanced surgical training simulation programs to applications designed to enhance activities like gardening and travel. The immersive and interactive features of augmented reality are useful for a broad range of interests, making the opportunities for innovation in mobile software application development especially exciting. As leading developers of custom mobile software applications, Augmented RealiTease is thrilled about the AR platforms introduced by Apple and Android, ARKit and ARCore, respectively. These

platforms will now make it possible for any user of a mobile device to access high quality augmented reality experiences that center on the view from their device's camera lens. The unique perspective acts as the interface for all types of computer data, from 3D animated objects, to floating text associated with people, places, and things, to audio prompts, navigational arrows and virtual landmarks, and much more. One of Augmented RealiTease's many concepts AR app development involves family events, which can be enhanced in myriad ways by the unique features of augmented reality applications.


Reunions, dinner parties, birthday parties, surprise parties, proms, graduations, showers, bbqs, and picnics can make use of augmented reality applications to organize events, give tools to travelers, and offer a host of fun features when everyone arrives. Just as online tools like Google Maps and Google Earth have revolutionized how we relate to navigational information, the family party is about to get the same boost in performance, interaction, and fun.


The modern family is an online family, and augmented reality is an ideal interface for enhancing family events. Now, anyone with a smartphone, tablet, or smart glasses can have an event that is spiced with new party features and new ways to interact with the environment and the people and objects within it. Instead of a device used to distract from interaction, Augmented RealiTease believe AR apps can be developed to create greater intimacy and bonding for families across the country.


The AR Family Events augmented reality application can work something like this; the event planner can set a date, invite a group, and select a setting for the event. Attendees will receive an invite, customized navigational information with directional arrows, and 3D virtual landmarks. Facial recognition will be available to identify family members and friends, and virtual party favors can be distributed and interacted with. Party hats and costumes, firecrackers, and user-placed decorations can be part of the online setting. Family members can upload biographical information to their AR profile to function as prompts for other guests to stimulate livelier conversation. The family event AR app will work as an exciting and compelling way to reach your kids who are already staring at their phones. Augmented reality is a fun and modern way to get their attention and bring them back into the family fold, and will also help the rest of the family warm up to each other even if their memories of names and personal histories are a little spotty.

Augmented RealiTease focuses on creating memorable and meaningful experiences for its clients. Augmented RealiTease develops custom mobile applications for everything from virtual medical simulations to games, multimedia presentations, and apps for industrial manufacturers and wedding cake decorators. The Augmented RealiTease studios are located just outside of Philadelphia, where all design, development, and production work is performed in house. This vertical organization requires a high standard of expertise, and the talented team of seasoned software designers, programmers, graphic designers and multimedia specialists have demonstrated their skill at addressing the core goals of the project and finding innovative solutions that achieve real results. By applying a rigorous, step-by-step approach to all design and development, Augmented RealiTease delivers interactive software that is robust, easy to use, and performs flawlessly across every platform and device. To learn more about the family events augmented reality application or share your own ideas about AR app development, contact us today.

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