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As augmented reality applications emerge in the online world, more and more entrepreneurs and developers can see the exciting advantages and opportunities for this highly immersive and interactive experience. While initially deployed across a few specialized platforms, the advent of Apple's ARKit and Android's ARCore have now made augmented reality mobile application software widely available to anyone who uses a mobile device, whether it's a smartphone, tablet, or hands-free device like Google Glass. Augmented RealiTease is an award-winning developer of custom mobile software applications, having produced its first AR project back in 2009. With the new potential for innovation, Augmented RealiTease believes the future for augmented reality is very bright. The ability to use the camera lens of your mobile device to access AR will allow you to layer in 3D computer data in a number of compelling ways, with real-time performance and a level of seamless realism that will enhance training, education, hobbies, and much more. Event enhancement and planning are especially suited to the abilities of augmented reality applications.

Many types of events can benefit from augmented reality applications customized to suit their needs, from fundraising events, sports events, concerts and theater, even family events like weddings and birthday parties. Now that everyone is skilled with their mobile devices, it will be easy to incorporate AR applications into special occasions. Event planners can assemble customized features for participants to enjoy during the event. Event planners can also benefit from pre-visualization features that allow them to see what specific decorations, furniture, and structures would look like within the context of the physical environment before purchase.

From their unique camera perspective, event goers can engage in an enhanced 3D landscape that adds visual interest to the actual event space. Navigation details can be laid out, with arrows that take you to particular locations at the right time and find a place to sit (or stand). Athletes can be identified by name and number, with their performance statistics available at a touch. One could access career details of a particular first violinist at a concert or acquire a translation of a libretto at the opera. Even these limited examples reveal how far Augmented Reality can go to enhance events in a highly innovative manner. Anywhere people get together to share ideas and experiences, AR can be developed to make the event enhanced with greater coordination, information access, environment enhancement, and more.

Augmented RealiTease specializes in creating memorable experiences, with software that exceeds client expectations and delivers robust, long-lasting value in the marketplace. Its team of seasoned designers and programmers is skilled with the practical implementation of innovative concepts. Augmented RealiTease employs a methodical and iterative approach to custom mobile software application development, keeping clients fully informed during the process and staying focused on the core project goals. From graphic design, custom software programming, copywriting, and video, to eLearning development, and more, Augmented RealiTease has the capabilities to do it all in house. The Augmented RealiTease studios are located just outside of Philadelphia. Learn more about how augmented reality can transform events,

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