Equipment Operation

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The world of mobile applications and online interface is about to take another dramatic step forward. It’s called Augmented Reality and it’s going to be changing the way we interact with information. Augmented reality is a new version of Virtual Reality that can be readily access over mobile devices such as smartphones, iPads, and hands-free devices like glasses. By layering over digital information in text and graphics, and introducing photorealistic imagery and objects into the scene you can interact virtually with information in a more immersive and effective way, and carry out tasks with critical information delivered in real time.

While Augmented Reality is poised to change many industries and affect many aspects of our lives, one of the most immediately significant and obviously useful applications of Augmented Reality is for enhanced Equipment Operation. Now, instead of online manuals or video demonstrations, you can stand in front of a complex piece of equipment and, through an augmented reality application have each piece of the equipment labeled and a set of initial instructions. Diagrammatic arrows can assist your with operational tasks, voice information can be layered into the experience, and users can obtain real time feedback from online chat or others methods. Users can be guided through the use of real equipment, or photo-realistically rendered 3D computer objects can be used in place of real equipment for an immersive simulation experience that can provide cost effective training for a myriad of components and machinery to gain expertise over an entire process.

The opportunities for widespread application development are exciting and highly profitable for companies who can see the benefits of this advanced visualization experience. As a leader in developing all types of custom software programming application development, and 3D experiential marketing, DDA has the experience and the expertise to assist you with taking a new idea and turning it into a fully operational reality. We have been involved in almost every aspect of online marketing and development, with a staff of dedicated professionals skilled in software programming, database management, e-learning, and more. Our studio is located just outside Philadelphia, and we are unique in the area for the diversity of skills and services we provide under one roof. DDA has a fully equipped video editing suite with a sound booth, professional graphic designers and video editors, and the ability to provide 3D computer animation, drone footage, 360 degree videography and more. Our background in developing VR and AR dates back to the 90’s when it was first introduced, and now, with the ubiquity of the iPhone and other devices, the time for Augmented Reality seems to be finally ready to transform the application development landscape, and the frontier for a new type of interface is now open for business. If you would like to discuss the possibilities with DDA, we’d be happy to show you just how much is possible.

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