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Augmented Reality is poised to disrupt and transform the entertainment industry, and DDA is excited to tell you about it. Whether you’re an avid consumer, a producer with an idea, or a leader in the entertainment industry looking into the advent of virtual reality and its potential applications, you’re going to want to know more about how Augmented Reality is changing the way we interact with the online world. By using your smartphone, a tablet or a hands-free device you will soon have access to a wide variety of applications that can immerse you in experiences more vivid and compelling than you’ve ever had before. An Augmented Reality App may replace the desktop with an immersive environment where you can choose from a range of augmented reality applications. From there you can travel, take rides, play sports, and learn new skills within customizable environments that place a layer of virtual information, environments, and objects that appear seamlessly inside your camera view. Photo-realistically rendered objects adjust in your perspective with the environment complete with casting shadows and reflections.

Some of the critical barriers in Virtual Reality have been overcome and delivering vivid and convincing 3D objects in real time that be operated virtually is one of them. The ubiquity of the smartphone device equips everyone with the necessary tools to access an augmented reality world. New entertainment concepts will undoubtedly develop as people become accustomed to the interactive possibilities stretching out into the mobile application development landscape. While photorealistic effects will undoubtedly become an important feature in the environments the sky is virtually the limit in terms of what can be graphically presented and the types of Augmented Realities can be created and experienced. The development future of Augmented Reality is indeed bright, and, wherever you might be in the development of a project for entertainment, DDA is ready to help you make the breakthrough.

DDA develops custom software for many different industries, having created immersive experiences in hybrid media/technology platforms, Virtual Games, Virtual Simulations, VR, and Augmented Reality since its inception. Located just outside Philadelphia, our studio is uniquely equipped to create all facets of any project in house. We maintain a staff of highly skilled degreed professional writers, graphic designers, and video and sound engineers, as well as custom software designers and programmers. This diverse skill set allows us to move effectively and decisively on any project and take your ideas to the marketplace with maximum impact and seamless functionality.

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