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Augmented RealiTease is pleased to introduce the exciting application development world of augmented reality. The potential of virtual reality have been explored for years, and now, with the ubiquity of the smartphone and easy-to-use, high resolution graphic interfaces at everyone's fingertips, the opportunities for new education applications are ready to be set free. Augmented reality has the ability to superimpose photorealistic images, graphic designs, 3D models, and text into your camera viewpoint for an immersive type of experience other media can't equal. This means that new education models can be developed around informational interactivity. Tutorials can lead students through tasks with visual step-by-step textual and graphic instructions, and possibly using avatars that gesture and demonstrate specific actions. Any type of equipment can be realistically introduced into the scene, as well as support information layered into the Augmented Reality interface. The frontier for experiential education application development is open, and Augmented RealiTease is prepared to take any viable idea and turn it into an innovative, cost-effective, and practical solution.

Providing more vivid ways to integrate information into a memorable and valuable experience has always been one of the key challenges in all types of education, and augmented reality has the potential to capture a student's attention and interest more than ever before. The traditional techniques and values of education can be readily implemented into an augmented reality concept and enhanced by numerous methods. For example, in history classes augmented reality apps can present historic battlefields, castles, and the like while students read or listen to lecturers. Prospective mechanics can observe a 3D animated character select a tool and demonstrate an action on a motor for the student to imitate, with text and graphics guiding the mechanic as they try it for themselves on an engine.

Those in shop class can have their cutting, forming, assembling, and other construction guided by texts and graphics explaining the techniques as they are put into practice. Budding artists can see guiding lines for painting exercises, with instructions on the use of different paints and brush techniques to achieve different effects. Mathematics like trigonometry and calculus can be enhanced with graphics of the equations and images of real-world applications. From exercise training, drawing instructions, to industrial and healthcare applications, anywhere education modeling can intersect with the real world, augmented reality will provide the medium.

Augmented RealiTease's experience with virtual and augmented reality began long before the introduction of Apple's ARKit, and it takes a dedicated yet flexible approach to interactive multimedia design and development. Its staff of degreed professional programmers, writers, videographers, 3D animators and software designers work together to assess challenges, conceive of the solution, break it down into its constituent parts, and choose the most appropriate software and processes to ensure the best final results. Augmented RealiTease offers some of the most comprehensive and integrated services available from a single agency, and is committed to responsive customer service that best ensures that all parties are satisfied with the end results. If you would like to discuss our education app concept, or have some ideas of your own you would like to share, contact us today.

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