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Augmented Reality is an innovative 3D interface that provides new tools for all types of software applications. As a leading developer of cutting edge software for all types of markets and industries, DDA is pleased to discuss the concepts we feel will be most advantageous for immediate development and implementation. Ecommerce is by definition an online experience, and Augmented Reality

will enhance transactions for b2b, p2p, and p2c markets through a more interactive and immersive buying experience. Apple's ARKit and Android's ARCore platforms are making the AR experience widely accessible through any online device, and now millions of users and potential buyers will use Augmented Reality to participate in all kinds of activities and interests.


Competitive markets need competitive advantages, and this competition drives innovation in all areas of experiential marketing. Augmented Reality has the potential to immerse a customer in a branded experience that captures their point of view through their online device and presents them with the most comprehensive multimedia tool currently available. More product details, delivered in a more compelling way, with more tools that involve the customer, give entrepreneurs and developers better, more advanced methods to reach interested parties and place them in a format with unprecedented persuasive capabilities.


Augmented Reality for eCommerce applications makes for a more intimate and thorough experience with products. This lowers the buying threshold, gives entrepreneurs better, more persuasive tools, and lowers the risks for buyers who need to know as much as possible before committing to a purchase. The relatively low costs of software application development compared to bricks and mortar methods give sellers more flexibility, more room for innovation, and new development methods that can be readily and cost effectively changed when necessary.


Users will access eCommerce applications in the same way they do now, through their smartphone, tablet, or hands-free device, but now, the camera viewpoint will serve as their interface. The user's perspective can be furnished with layers of 3D computer information that shifts with their changing position, providing real time feedback to enhance participation with the data. Photorealistic effects can portray product details more vividly than ever, with shadows, reflections, and other high resolution effects that update in real time. Floating text and audio can support the product imagery, and diagrammatic data such as charts and graphs and other graphic design can offer other ways to provide important information when needed. Interactive capabilities offer ways to manipulate computer objects as if they reside within your space, and graphic operation indicators like arrows and other prompts can show a user how to manipulate tools or products. The experience can be developed into a complete presentation of a brand, with control over the setting, the products, the method of interaction, and the use of associated support data, for a seamless meshing of computer information with the user's unique point of view.

DDA is a professional developer of award-winning mobile software applications. We created our first Augmented Reality project in 2009 and we are excited about the advent of AR across the entire spectrum of mobile software development. We have clients in all types of markets, from heavy manufacturing and industry, to cutting edge innovators in the healthcare and medical industry. DDA takes a logical approach to innovation, with a step-by-step process that controls costs and delivers robust, long lasting products that can be updated easily and designed to be responsive to market changes. Our team of seasoned programmers, designers and multimedia specialists can address any special features needed for a project and incorporate them seamlessly into a final product that ensures a successful result. Whether it requires extensive database management, e-learning platforms, 3D Computer modeling and animation, or any other type of software programming and design, DDA is ready to achieve your core goals and exceed your expectations. If you want to know more about how AR is poised to transform the e commerce landscape, or if you have a specific application you would like DDA to develop, let's set up a time to talk about it in detail.

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