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New applications for augmented reality are changing the way we relate to information, and serve to improve and enhance our experiences and learning environment. Augmented RealiTease is excited about the possibilities in this 3D interactive landscape, and has the capability to implement innovative ideas effectively into the market. One of the most attractive applications for augmented reality

is equipment training, especially vehicles, and advanced learning tools can be established to create effective learning environments for a host of vehicles, from an ordinary car to private and commercial aircraft. Augmented RealiTease's concept for a comprehensive vehicle operation program, Drive-It, is ready to take this ambitious project out for a spin.


Computer simulation has been used as a training tool for aircraft and other vehicles for years, and its steady use is a testament to its effectiveness. Augmented reality, with its ability to put trainees into a simulated 3D computer context, makes the experience even more immersive and realistic. The widespread availability of smartphones and other online tools makes AR development more feasible, and new hands-free devices like Google Glass will enable even more methods for incorporating AR training into all types of vehicle operation applications.


Using the Drive-It augmented reality application with AR eyewear like Google Glass will give those learning to drive a car or operate other similar machinery the ability to receive the kind of ongoing support that would typically require a second passenger, while gaining experience working with the operation of the actual vehicle in the real world. Graphics within the view can very practically illustrate the step-by-step interactions required of the driver to keep moving.


When accessing the Drive-It augmented reality application from a hands-free device, your view inside the driver's seat is enhanced with substantial instructional design to ensure successful learning of driving operations. Step-by-step prompts are provided in real time with floating text and graphics indicating which controls to use and how. Operational arrows indicating turning, pressing buttons, referring to rear view mirrors checking for blind spots, etc., are all given within the perspective of your unique viewpoint. The app can also guide you along specific low-traffic areas suitable for first-time driving experiences to enhance safety. The combination of diagrammatic prompts and graphics immerse the trainee in a learning experience that is like no other, engaging the learning driver and giving them confidence, while also offering the possibility of gauging their performance over time.

Augmented RealiTease launched its first AR application in 2009, and now there is even greater interest and opportunity for this interactive 3D interface. Its team of degreed professionals has extensive experience with all types of software requirements, and the logical, step-by-step development process used keeps clients informed and in control along the entire conceptualization, design, and development process. Whether it involves eLearning, database development, virtual games, or some other type of custom multimedia, Augmented RealiTease is prepared to exceed client expectations and deliver cost-effective results that can be tracked and measured. If you would like to learn more about the Drive-It augmented reality app, or have some ideas for AR you would like to develop further, don't hesitate to contact us today.

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