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Augmented Reality has the potential to enhance our lives at home, in the office, or in restaurants and bars after work or on vacation. DDA's Drink-It concept for a mobile software application incorporates Augmented Reality as a way to make nightlife livelier. While 3D interface concepts have been floating around for a while, only now, with the ubiquity of the smartphone and

other online devices, can the exciting world of Augmented Reality truly unfold across the landscape. DDA has been involved with AR since its first project in 2009, and we are excited about the many promising possibilities for immersive experiences and custom software applications that can make information more interactive, engaging, and entertaining.


While the alcohol industry is robust, restaurants always require imagination and excitement to attract and keep their clientele. Drink-It enhances the restaurant experience and adds a way to enjoy drinks more fully. This method for incorporating graphics and data into a scene is an innovative and compelling method to train wait staff, inform yourself and your friends, and start conversations over the rich and fascinating culture of beverages and cocktails. Now you won't have to be an expert to make an informed decision about what to order.


Augmented Reality gives us a new platform for experiencing information, and Drink-It is one among many new concepts for taking the immersive qualities of AR and adding more flavor and pleasure to everyday life. Drink-It has the potential to turn novices into experts, and to provide more sophistication and expertise among a new wave of enthusiasts, restaurateurs, sommeliers, and vintners.


Drink-It will be accessed through a smartphone, tablet, or hands-free device. When you go into a bar, or even up to a bottle in your home, the software will use your camera lens to identify the label. Information about the drink will be introduced into your viewpoint as a floating graphic that appears as if it exists as an object in the scene. 3D graphics of the ingredients from which it is made can pop-up alongside the product. When a bottle label is selected, you can get detailed recommendations for food pairings, cocktail recipes, comparisons between other brands, and more. Beer types will be able to recommend the best pilsner on a menu, or locate an establishment that carries your favorite on draft. Wine vintages can be compared with yearly harvest data for connoisseurs, as well as detailed info on sugar/acid balance and alcohol content. Images of the fields from which the grapes, grains, and herbs are grown that constitute the drinks can appear along with other supporting information to give the user a richer understanding of what goes into their chosen beverage.

Augmented RealiTease is an award-winning developer of custom mobile software applications, with a wide ranging scope of experience and professional capabilities. Its staff of full-time degreed professionals allows the company to take on nearly any new development challenge and incorporate any features necessary to make for an integrated final result with seamless functionality and ease of use. Augmented RealiTease does not outsource any of its work and can address any specialized requirement in house. Whether it involves advanced database development, custom software design and programming, 3D hybrid experiential marketing, virtual games, eLearning portals, or augmented reality, Augmented RealiTease has the capabilities needed to make the project a success. If you have an exciting idea you think can benefit from augmented reality, or would like to learn more about the Drink-It AR app, contact us today.

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