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The opportunities for developing new concepts in augmented reality are very attractive for many industries, including those working in the retail landscape. With the many challenges retails businesses face in the competitive marketplace, the advent of a 3D computer interface that can enhance traditional brick-and-mortar establishments will prove to be a game changer.

While online experiences have currently reduced the effectiveness of local retail businesses, DDA's concept for an application that can actually reinforce and enliven the experience of shopping will serve to reinvigorate sales for all types of retail that rely on high volumes of walk-in traffic.


With the brick-and-mortar retail landscape experiencing a slow decline in recent years, innovation in this industry is an urgent necessity. Building on the success of related online experiences like Pokemon Go, augmented reality can take the interactive dimension of this experience, place it into a retail context where shopping is incorporated into the online exploration process, and make use of all of the exciting new features AR brings to the table. The Discount AR augmented reality app concept can be developed by one retail business, or as a template concept for related businesses, and build an innovative model for shoppers in a strategy that makes use of the best parts of the online and real-world activity of experiential shopping.


For retail businesses seeking to offer their shoppers savings in a cost-effective, augmented reality experience that adds value and excitement to their store without requiring the extensive costs of actual renovations, Discount AR could prove to be a critical factor in their future success. For malls and other retail establishments that rely on user experience and amenities that support and encourage shoppers to linger in their environment, Discount AR could be that vital idea they need to keep their shopping spaces active and thriving.


Using your smartphone, tablet, or hands-free device, you can access Discount AR in a shopping establishment. A unique experience can guide you through hidden and exclusive discounts customized to your needs, preferences, family size, and many other factors that can be captured upon an individual registration, or through a registration based on Facebook ID. These discounts can change during your visit, and be developed to increase the attraction and incentives the physical space already provides. Avatars, directional arrows, floating graphics, text, and other features can be used to enhance the retail space and shopping experience, incentivizing shoppers with engaging graphics indicating new products, product features, discounts, and create an experience shoppers will want to revisit again and again.

As an award-winning developer of custom mobile application software, Augmented RealiTease is ready to take on the role of pioneer in the development of augmented reality applications. Augmented RealiTease's first AR project was in 2009, and now, with the wide availability of online mobile devices and tech-savvy users, the time is ripe for innovation and expertise. Augmented RealiTease leads in all types of experiential marketing and interactive multimedia design, with extensive experience developing eLearning portals, databases, virtual gaming, and a wide variety of custom programmed software for numerous clients in many industries. If you are seeking top-notch design and development from seasoned professionals who are able to implement a concept with seamless and integrated functionality using cost-effective strategies that deliver measurable results in the retail world, then contact us today.

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