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Augmented Reality is enhancing experiences and activities across the entire spectrum of custom mobile software applications, and food is one of many interests Augmented Reality is serving, with a range of innovative AR apps designed to help get the most out of your ingredients. Cookbooks, TV shows, and

online recipes give us a deeper awareness of global cuisine, putting us in touch with regions and culinary customs previously unknown to us. Augmented Reality has the power to place your kitchen in any region, any environment, and give you the flavor of a place, as well as its cuisine.


Cooking shows are always looking for a new angle from which to approach the ancient and beautiful activity of cooking. All around the world people express their culture through their food, and AR can offer a richer experience of cuisine through its immersive and interactive qualities. Accessing applications through your smartphone, tablet or hands-free device, the AR dining experience will extend awareness of world cuisine and place individuals and their families into an environment where the food can more thoroughly be understood as an extension of the place and its people.


Augmented Reality for world cuisines puts enthusiasts in deeper touch with a particular culture, with interactive tools and effects previously unavailable. Like all types of literacy, culinary literacy and expertise can be fostered through the use of more effective simulations that give people a more hands-on learning experience.


Accessing an app through your mobile device, you can select a world cuisine based on the set of ingredients you have on your kitchen counter. You will be able to use many of the 3D computer options available in an AR format. You can be guided through cuisines with a 3D avatar, and you can customize the setting and view of your kitchen through the eyes of the AR application. You can find yourself in a colonial era kitchen, a Japanese teppan yaki or Mongolian grill, a French pastry kitchen with marble counter tops, and much more. Photorealistic effects can be vividly rendered, and with real-time accuracy, from the flour dust after kneading bread, to the crackle and sizzle of barbequed meat.

DDA has award-winning experience with custom mobile software applications, and we introduced our first Augmented Reality project back in 2009. Appleā€™s ARKit AR platform, as well as other AR developments, make the time for AR development projects more viable than ever, with the ability to reach a whole new generations of users. World cuisine is one of many AR possibilities DDA is considering, and we would be pleased to go over the details with you. Our facility is conveniently located just outside Philadelphia, and our team of experienced professionals can assess a project quickly to determine the main goals of the software. Using a proven step-by-step approach, we provide all of the special features of the project in house, and do out outsource any part of the work to other parties. This way, we manage to maintain complete control over the project, and to ensure flawless functionality and an engaging and satisfying experience for the end user, across every platform and every device. Whether it includes database management e-learning platforms or special features such as 3D computer modeling and animation, we are ready to exceed your expectations.

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