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With the many changes augmented reality brings to mobile applications, it's easy to see how the immersive 3D interface can benefit manufacturing, entertainment, and industries worldwide. AR enables users to have an interactive experience with their information. By layering complex computer data right onto your camera screen, users can access many types of augmented reality. 3D computer objects will appear as if they exist as real objects in your point

of view, with photorealistic vividness, adjusting to changes in light and shadow in real time. Text can float inside a view also, as floating text or as elements in the scene. Charts and diagrams can be displayed as 3D placards or as directional indicators in space for equipment training. Augmented RealiTease's Conferencing AR concept is poised to make use of all of these presentation features and more, by using augmented reality to enhance up the experience of video conferencing.


Conferencing has advanced considerably with new technology, adding features and capabilities for meetings as effective as those made in person. This has served to increase the number of opportunities for colleagues to share data and coordinate their efforts. Conferencing AR is another advance in this effort, and incorporates the 3D interface possibilities into the conferencing experience for an immersive experience with practical value.


The opportunity to make highly complex and sophisticated presentations of all types of material, and to also have the capability for participants to interact with 3D data in real time, can greatly facilitate design and inspection review processes all over the world. Meetings using augmented reality offer a more proactive process, saving valuable time and money, and improving communication among colleagues.


Conferencing AR is a complete augmented reality presentation tool accessible directly over your smartphone, tablet, or hands-free device. For people engaged in product design, manufacturing, or industries operating complex processes and equipment, the use of 3D computer objects can be shared among all participants for a design review. Each participant will be able to interact with the object through Conference AR, and each viewer will experience the object from their unique perspective. Objects can appear photorealistically or as cutaways and diagrammatic documents, with support information given as needed. Conference members can discuss details as individuals interact with the objects, even making changes in real time. Graphs (including 3D graphs), spreadsheets, and charts may also be presented to communicate information in the visual field in the more engaging manner facilitated by augmented reality. 3D graphs offer the advantage of adding capability of plotting out a third axis of information for a broader understanding of the interaction between different factors of a system.

Augmented RealiTease specializes in developing mobile software applications that are customized to clients' needs. Augmented RealiTease take innovative concepts and design software that delivers measurable value in the user experience and the bottom line. Its seasoned staff of professionals is capable of incorporating a wide range of features into the final product. By keeping all its resources in house, Augmented RealiTease is able to integrate all aspects of the final result into a seamless and long lasting tool that serves the client and their customers. If you want to discuss Conference AR further, or if you have another AR concept you would like to develop with DDA, contact us today.

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