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The world of concert events is getting a serious boost in energy, both in the elegant concert hall and the wild stadium venues. Augmented reality is changing the face of the software development industry, with unprecedented features and capabilities that will transform the way we interact with computer information. Augmented RealiTease is a leading creator of mobile application software, and has been involved with augmented reality since its first project in 2009. Apple and Android have introduced their AR platforms ARKit and ARCore recently, and opened up the software development turnstiles. The advent of these platforms gives anyone using a smartphone, tablet,

or hands-free device the opportunity to access augmented reality applications, with their camera lens acting as the interface. All kinds of computer data can be introduced into their unique perspective; photorealistic 3D computer graphics, floating text charts and graphics, operational arrows for virtual objects that can be manipulated, and options to transform the surrounding environment with an immersive visual spectacle. DDA's concept for a concert planning and design AR application will equip concert planners with the tools to create cost effective extravaganzas for their audiences, and will energize the event with new experiences and spectacles.


Large concerts for stadium events have always incorporated cutting edge technology to enhance the environment, from huge screen displays to mechanized sets and set pieces. Traditional concert halls, however, are usually restricted in their capacity for a spectacle beyond that of the players and the conductor, because many concert halls are not designed to accommodate traditional theatrical apparatus such as those employed in theaters and opera houses. Augmented reality can be used in association with large concert props and settings, or even replace them in some cases, and AR applications can be developed for concert halls that will enhance the music with spectacles, objects, images, and associated information.


Augmented reality applications for concert events are a great way to employ the best of what AR's interface and features have to offer. Combining the wild flexibility of a virtual spectacle with a cost effective development strategy offers event planners with the best of both worlds, and gives an audience a entirely different way to experience music.


Users will access an event app on their mobile device prior to the performance. An event planner can add value through the application from the moment an audience member leaves their house until the closing of the curtain. Customized navigation will direct you from your home and to your seat in the venue, with arrows and information loaded into your camera view. Virtual objects can float above the stadium and react to the music's beat for additional engagement, and the audience can interact with them during the show. Floating text can add information about the songs and arrangements, prompts can be provided for safety guidelines and emergency information, and concert goers can acquire detailed information about the conductor performers. The augmented reality app can add simulated environments to the concert, such as a desert or glacial landscape, a forest or a mountain peak, taking over the actual space with a virtual spectacle. The opportunities for innovation are inspiring and exciting for developers and entrepreneurs, with an open field of potential development.

Augmented RealiTease is comprised of a team of award-winning developers of mobile software applications, and crafts customized experiences that are memorable, meaningful, and engaging. Its clients range from the medical field to heavy industry and manufacturing, virtual games, eLearning, and more. From virtual medical simulations (VMS) to multimedia presentations, certification programs, and custom software design, programming, development, and testing, Augmented RealiTease does all of its work in-house, without resorting to other parties to complete a project. This ensures flawless performance across all platforms and all devices, with robust performance and a seamless integration of all features. If you would like to hear more about the concept for an AR concert event application, or if you have an idea you would like to develop with us, contact us today.

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