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Computers have been around for a very short time, yet they have dramatically transformed many aspects of our lives. Numerous activities have been changed by the computer forever, and the development of the online experience has made this cultural transformation all the more striking. Augmented reality is an emerging 3D interface that makes full use of the computer's capabilities by integrating hardware, software, the internet, and immersive experiences with unprecedented resolution and real-time speed.

While AR is posed to change the interface of many industries and activities, education and training will be one of the most significant and readily adopted methods for employing what augmented reality has to offer. As one of the leading developers of custom mobile software applications, DDA is excited about the prospect of new AR education methods for many industries, and computer training is something we would like to share with our clients, future clients, and their customers.


With the fast pace of developments in all facets of computer technology, from software programming to hardware specs for desktops, laptops, and mobile devices, it's a challenge to keep up. An augmented reality application that can scan your devices, provide recommendations for speed and hardware upgrades, interactive troubleshooting, access valuable instructions in any given repair or technical situation can be delivered via your smartphone, iPad, or hands-free device, allowing you to interact with devices virtually.


More educational applications will undoubtedly emerge as developers create innovative solutions using augmented reality, and computer education will benefit from immersive methods that can address immediate circumstances in a real time, engaging, and interactive format. As a presentation technique, AR has the capability to customize the learning environment, and to gear the setting, the information, and the delivery method into a fully integrated presentation system that can hold one's attention and immerse them in memorable and meaningful experiences.


Using your mobile device, an application can take a look at your space with your camera lens. Floating graphics giving information about computers, hardware, and devices in your environment will appear within your perspective. 3D avatars can be included to act as guides to hardware and software troubleshooting and maintenance with audio and text support. If you are repairing or replacing parts on a desktop or laptop, graphic indicators, like arrows and textual and audio prompts, will guide you through the process. If you are shopping in a store, details will appear around focused items. Tutorials can allow you to become immediately familiar with any system and, for specialty computer systems out in the field, a scanner can review all types of computer-based equipment for an immediate assessment.

Augmented RealiTease is all about creating meaningful experiences. Augmented RealiTease is one of the most skilled custom mobile software application developers working today, with one of the most comprehensive sets of services available under one roof, either locally or nationally. Augmented RealiTease has been working on experiential marketing and custom interactive software design and development since the inception of the internet, and launched its first augmented reality project in 2009. Augmented RealiTease has seen the entire computer revolution firsthand, and would like to introduce you to the leading edge in interface design. Augmented reality has the potential to transform the computer world yet again, and Augmented RealiTease's team of seasoned professionals knows how to innovate, with substantial development projects that deliver long-term value to our clients and provide a seamless, effective, and memorable experience for the end user. If you would like to discuss the many possibilities for computer education and training applications using augmented reality, contact us today.

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