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Augmented reality is changing the way we prepare advanced training simulations for many types of industries, and it is poised to enhance everyday tasks like gardening and shopping as well. One of the most useful applications for this exciting 3D computer interface concerns the daily commute. We have already seen how onboard navigation from GPS sources has proven to be invaluable for navigation, and now augmented reality applications can be developed to add

more detailed, local, and time-sensitive information that will guide you through the best route to work, whether it's an ordinary day of traffic, or an emergency in your area. As award-winning developers of custom mobile software applications, DDA is excited about the countless possibilities for software development, and thinks a commuting software application can offer many advantages for the daily commuter.


With the many types of sources available for navigating the morning commute, from morning news updates on TV and radio, to online sources, it's clear that people seek out detailed information about the traffic conditions every day, simply because every day has the potential to be different. Good information can mean the difference between a routine commute and getting to work on time, and a frustrating snarl of traffic where you wait and risk being late. The immersive and interactive qualities of augmented reality's 3D computer interface have the potential to become a seamless extension of your automobile and the way you use it. Whether you are simply getting to work or making a special trip, this interface can work so as to become another part of the dashboard and windshield.


This commuting application can be used for the benefit of all types of commuters, from the city driver with a high volume of stop-and-start traffic, to the rural commuter with snow and flood concerns, to the truck driver who maintains a long and arduous driving schedule. Available for a wide audience of potential users, DDA believes this application has the ability to become a standard feature of the modern vehicle.


While augmented reality is highly useful for mobile devices, such as the smartphone and tablet, this application will be available with a hands-free option for maximum effect. Augmented reality places you into an informational landscape, with graphic features that range from objects and avatars rendered with lifelike accuracy, to floating text that sits directly into your unique camera viewpoint, to diagrammatic graphics like arrows and indicators that take you where you want to go. The text, combined with audio prompts, can deliver real-time information. Additional pertinent information, such as alerts on changes to traffic on your route or weather updates for your local area and any others your route passes through, can be fed from online sources and presented in real time as well.

Augmented RealiTease is well prepared to lead the way through a mobile software development project, no matter the size or complexity. Its team of seasoned professionals and its state-of-the-art facility, located just outside Philadelphia, provides one of the most diverse and comprehensive skill sets of any software production company anywhere. Augmented RealiTease handles all custom development in house, without contracting out to other sources. This vertical organization helps keep production costs low and ensures adherence to client expectations at every step, facilitating healthy relationships that have lead to repeat business. Augmented RealiTease launched its first AR project in 2009, and now, with the wide availability of online devices and a huge share of skilled interface users, the opportunities for augmented reality application development have never been greater. Learn more about the Commuting augmented reality app, or share your own ideas. Contact us today.

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