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Just a few years ago the online world was in its infancy, and it is still undergoing dramatic transformations even today. Augmented reality is another game-changing event in the evolution of online experiences, and it promises to offer the world of software development a new frontier of possibilities. DDA is excited about the myriad ways AR is poised to change many industries, businesses, and institutions, with software that will be more immersive, interactive, and informative than ever before. With the widespread use of mobile computers like smartphones and iPads, and the availability of a high resolution camera that can receive and transmit graphics that adapt to your environment, the time for custom mobile application software development using Augmented Reality is at hand.

Internet messaging, Facebook, blogs, and Skype have all become valuable tools as people find innovative ways to communicate online. AR will add the benefits of a 3D interface capable of incorporating all of these communication methods into one central access point. By using the camera from your online device, the 3D interface adds a layer of modeled data into your unique perspective. The videoconferencing features will be dramatically enhanced by AR, as participants can have many types of data freely available in the shared meeting space of the conference. 3D computer objects can be introduced and discussed. People can come up to the object and interact with it. 3D avatars can guide people through presentations. Centrally available documents can float in the space and reviewed when necessary. The entire landscape of interactive communication is about to get more immersive, engaging, and productive, with tools that can keep communication more informed and more vibrant.

As leading developers of award winning mobile software applications, Augmented RealiTease is ready to help you navigate your way through the development landscape. Augmented RealiTease approaches projects with a methodical process that prioritizes client goals through every step of development. By working closely with our clients, Augmented RealiTease ensures full communication, and its team of professional software designers and programmers can handle nearly any customized requirement or request. The Augmented RealiTease studios are located in the Philadelphia suburbs, and its state-of-the-art facilities feature a full suite of production capabilities. In addition to its custom software design and development team, Augmented RealiTease also have a professional production studio with a sound booth and editing suite, graphic design including 3D modeling and web design, virtual gaming, eLearning portals, database management, and much more. If you want to hear more about augmented reality to see how it would benefit your business or organization, contact us today.

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