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Fellow travelers, club members, and organizations around the country need ways to identify themselves, and augmented reality applications can play a major role in establishing better bonds between members. Augmented reality is the 3D interface that's been given a key boost, with the introduction of Apple's ARKit and Android's ARCore, their respective augmented reality platforms. This means that anyone with a smartphone, tablet, or hands-free device can access high quality immersive experiences online, with

applications customized to meet the needs of all sorts of specialized communities, from surgeons preparing for advanced robotic surgical procedures, to bird watchers, sports enthusiasts, and concert goers. Numerous organizations, clubs, societies, and foundation members can have a new set of tools that work from the viewpoint of your camera's lens, and allow you to take advantage of the latest facial recognition and identification technology in a real time and immersive format.


One of the key features of clubs and societies are the rituals and events that bind them together. Augmented reality provides members with a reliable method to identify each other in both everyday and special meeting environments, organize events among club members, and coordinate their actions, with the ability to spontaneously change and reorganize as needed. You will also be able to screen out non members more easily, for more secure relationships and better communication, both locally and internationally.


Clubs around the world can take advantage of what augmented reality has to offer, with ways to enhance their events and activities. Whether it's a small group just starting up, or a local chapter of an international organization, the combination of online networking capability with high resolution real time immersive augmented reality applications bring in a game changing technology to the ancient and time honored process of social bonding and organization.


Here's just one way members could use an AR application. Events can be distributed through the secure AR interface to all club members. Out of town members can receive customized navigation information, along with 3D virtual landmarks to improve wayfinding. 3D computer objects can be shared virtually across a network, for remote interaction and group participation. Audio prompts, online chat, and other text can be introduced directly into a viewer's perspective, and associated with computer objects or objects in your setting, and instructional arrows can guide you through a process, whether it includes exercises, group work projects, virtual assembly and disassembly, and all types of event driven club activities.

Augmented RealiTease's studios are conveniently located just outside of Philadelphia, and the company has been involved with augmented reality since our first project launch in 2009. With the new platform development, Augmented RealiTease can see the many ways AR is poised to create a paradigm shift in interface design, software application development, and end user expectations. The staff at Augmented RealiTease is comprised of a select team of seasoned professionals skilled in handling any type of custom software development challenge, whether it involves database development, facial and voice recognition, graphic design, multimedia, or virtually any type of custom software design and programming. DDA does all of its production work in house, without resorting to subcontractors. This allows for the maintainance of complete control over the project, helping contain costs while keeping in constant contact with clients throughout the entire process. If you want to know more about how augmented reality can enhance your organization, or if you have other augmented reality ideas you'd like to share, contact us today.

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