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Augmented reality is a 3D graphics medium you see popping up everywhere. For example, when you watch a football game, augmented reality is what supplies the dynamic display of the yellow first down marker, the black line of scrimmage, etc. Now, with the surge of mobile computing devices in the form of tablets, smartphones, and hands-free headsets, more AR applications are being introduced every day. Many of these applications are bound to be game changers for their industry, and Augmented RealiTease thinks AR has even more potential to transform everyday activities and experiences. Augmented RealiTease is comprised of

leading developers of custom mobile software applications, and launched its first AR project in 2009. Augmented RealiTease is ready to guide our clients into the augmented reality landscape, and build any type of custom software application for any industry and activity. Augmented RealiTease believes AR can help you grow a better garden, cook a better meal, and even help you raise your children. With all sorts of convenient and helpful options, customized software can take your unique insight into children and develop software that can offer myriad ways to make life easier and more fun.


With more and more people on the go, and with children being frequently overscheduled for activities with their friends, it becomes increasingly necessary to find ways to manage their schedules and day-to-day logistics. Furthermore, there are times when the right information delivered in a real world context with real time accuracy is critically helpful in both first aid and other times when your child needs it most.


Because every kid is more of an expert with a new interface than their parents, it's very likely that many of the applications designed for child raising will be used by the children themselves. Many types of software will be developed that will work best for the parent, and others that fully engage the child in a valuable and meaningful experience.


The field for AR innovation and development for children is quite broad, but some of the possibilities could work like this. By accessing an application from your online device, you can use your camera perspective to immerse yourself into a world of 3D computer information and graphics, one that layers seamlessly into your environment. Immersive tools include floating text and diagrams; examples include a shopping list or game instructions. Arrows and indicators can help with assembling a toy, and avatar guides can entertain and teach your children. Photorealistic graphics blend with the environment, with shadows, reflections and effects that update in real time. The interface can also pick up cues in your environment and be used to diagnose a runny nose, recommend a toy or bicycle, or engage your child in an interactive game. From storytelling to scheduling, from breakfast to lights out, augmented reality can accompany you during the day as you keep track of, and spend time with, your kids.

Augmented RealiTease's facilities, located just outside Philadelphia, are fully equipped with state-of-the-art design and production suites, including a sound booth, a 30- by 70-foot video studio, and many of the same video and animation suites used to produce major Hollywood features. Augmented RealiTease's team of degreed, full-time professionals has extensive experience with all types of original multimedia design and development, including eLearning and training platforms, games, mobile apps, and many more. Augmented RealiTease does not outsource any of its work, and by keeping control over all parts of the project, is able to ensure seamless integration and an optimized experience for the end user, whether it's a child or a parent. If you would like to know more about AR in general, or Augmented RealiTease's plans to develop family-based software, contact us today.

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