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Education is going to be one of the key areas where augmented reality applications are going to make a major difference, both in how we access information and how we interact with it. Children's education in particular can benefit from the immersive and engaging attributes of the 3D interface, and the industry of mobile software development is poised to give their educational content maximum impact in the marketplace,

in the classroom, and in the home. The widespread availability of online devices, and the rising literacy among children in using them, allows for a wide landscape of application development, and, as a leading developer in innovative software concepts, DDA would like to share some of the most exciting ideas for augmented reality with you.


Ever since Froebel's blocks and the kindergarten concept were introduced during the centennial celebration in 1876, visual and interactive tools have become an indispensable part in the education of young children. This has had a broad effect across national boundaries and serves to integrate a unified sense of visual literacy across western culture. While new audio and visual tools have been developed along the way, the advent of online devices such as smartphones, tablets, and hands-free devices have the ability to integrate many types of media into one interactive 3D computer modeled environment, one that can be layered seamlessly into a child's perspective.


Engaging learning experiences makes learning more fun for children, and as we all know, they take more readily to computer interfaces and new software developments than their parents. As part of the new wave of educational formats, augmented reality is truly a transformative technology that will alter the way we learn, both in the immediate future and beyond.


By accessing applications from an online device, a child can be led by a teacher or immerse themselves in a program that gives them prompts for the next steps. The range of possibilities for child education using the augmented reality are truly endless, because rudimentary programs can be followed with more advanced programs, and yet each can make use of the immersive and interactive qualities of AR. Photorealistic graphics can render believable environments populated with avatars and characters, with shadows, reflections, and effects that update in real time to adjust to each child's unique camera viewpoint. Objects and characters can be interacted with for a more 'hands-on' feel to learning that many find more compelling than any other type of learning format. With a broad range of data delivery methods such as floating text and diagrams, graphics, and audio support, Augmented Reality is a multimedia experience like no other.

Our extensive experience with all types of custom software design and programming makes Augmented RealiTease a leading choice in the industry for augmented reality mobile software application development projects. Augmented RealiTease uses a methodical, iterative approach to any assignment, and its facilities are equipped with the technology and the expertise to handle any project, from eLearning and training platforms and database development, to mobile applications and programs with extensive 3D computer modeling and animation. Augmented RealiTease handles all of our projects in house and does not outsource any of our work. This helps keep production processes efficient and ensures maximum integration between all components and allows for the best experience for the end user. If you would like to hear more about how augmented reality is going to change the way we educate our children, contact us today.

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