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As one of the world's oldest games, chess is a classic beloved around the world. It's also one of the first games to be transcribed into the computer, and remains at the forefront of computational research. Now, a new dimension of the game is about to be introduced through the advent of augmented reality. By integrating 3D virtual graphics into a user's real world surroundings, augmented reality combines the attributes of Virtual Reality with the camera view from a smartphone, making for a uniquely immersive and interactive experience.

ARKit and ARCore are Apple's and Android's new augmented reality platforms, and this development will serve to propel the popularity of augmented reality applications far into the future.


Chess is one of the world's most popular games and is played by both sexes and all ages. With Stockfish, Leela and other computer chess engines, this is truly a golden age for chess research and enjoyment, with a standard of play that has reached new heights in the last decade. AR Chess will build on this success and add features all game players will enjoy.


AR Chess will add more features and enjoyment to the game, with an immersive 'chess environment', filled with history, instruction, and a host of special effects that enliven the game and attract a new generation of chess enthusiasts.


Using a smartphone or tablet, players can access AR Chess to begin. Players can opt to use a real board, and two players can play as in a traditional setup, or one player can play against the computer using a virtual board. The 3D computer board will appear in your actual setting as if it is a real object, complete with photorealistic effects of light, shadow, and reflection. You can pick up the pieces and place them onto the desired square. For single player games, you can even play against a favorite player in the form of an avatar, sitting reflectively across from you. Imagine having Tal, Fischer, or Magnus Carlsen moving the opponent's pieces, and you have some idea of AR's immersive properties. All sorts of accompanying graphics can be introduced to enhance the play; hints can highlight squares on the board, and alternate lines of play can be suggested in sequence. Detailed references to opening theory can be displayed as text that appears to float in the room, and graphics of suggested moves imposed on the board for following opening sequences in unique game play circumstances.

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As a leading software developer in all types of industries, Augmented Realitease has been pioneering the effort to move AR into the mainstream. They created their first AR app in 2009, and the advent of ARKit and ARCore make the immediate future of AR quite bright. Their award winning approach to software development is based on extensive experience with a diverse set of clients, and they work closely with them to achieve their goals and exceed their expectations. Augmented Realitease's facility, located conveniently just outside Philadelphia, includes state-of-the-art equipment and a vertically integrated team of degreed, full time professionals. They control every aspect of the project and do not contract out to third parties, ensuring full integration of all project components and excellent quality control and client communication. Whether the project requires database development, elearning and certification programs, 3D computer modeling and animation, graphic design and multimedia production, or any type of custom software design and programming, Augmented Realitease focuses on cost effective solutions that provide a seamless experience for every user, across every device. If you would like to know more about augmented reality and how it's about to transform the world, especially the world of chess, Augmented Realitease would be pleased set up a time to discuss the broad spectrum of possibilities ahead. Contact us today.

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