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Augmented reality has begun to have a significant effect on different fields of study and the way computer information is developed and presented. Apple and Android's introduction of ARKit and ARCore, their respective AR platforms, will serve to open up the development landscape and is about to be implemented for widespread use throughout the sciences.

Augmented reality is a 3D interface offering photorealistic graphics in a format of unprecedented immersiveness and simulation capability. Using the camera as the source of the interface, anyone with smartphone, tablet,

or AR eyewear can access augmented reality apps for a wide range of interests and activities. Augmented reality can layer photorealistic 3D environments over the perspective to customize the setting. Avatar teachers and guides can lead people through complex instructions for training and education. 3D virtual objects than can be interacted with and programmed with the ability to provide real time sensory feedback and to simulate real world effects. You can hold a virtual object in your hand feel weight and heat and shadows reflections and effects like steam or chemical reactions can update in real time for a fully immersive experience.


Science education is a critically important part of modern education and educational programs across the nation are seeking better ways to attract students to the sciences. Augmented reality gives schools, universities, and other educational settings new tools to hold a student's interest engage them in meaningful activity and development of practical skills, and leave them with a more memorable experience they will want to repeat and develop.


Augmented reality has the potential to deliver accelerated learning in a flexible and cost-effective format. Students and laypeople can better visualize chemical reactions and understand the logic driving chemical interaction. Augmented reality can be used in association with real chemicals and processes, or allow risk-free experimentation in a fully simulated environment. The mobile format can be used in the classroom, in the lab, or anywhere you want to study and experiment. As programs develop and expand their use of AR over time, new features can be added as needed and integrated into an established curriculum. AR applications for chemical companies can be created for an excellent lab tool customized for proprietary systems with the ability to be edited and updated as needed.


Better visualization tools with enhanced interactive features make augmented reality apps for chemistry an ideal method to make chemical equations and the periodic table come alive. Each element can be simulated, as well as the different types of chemical bonds and subsequent interactions. Students can assemble molecules interactively, using simulations that blow up to scale and appear to float in the room. This allows students to understand the structural logic behind the equations, and a more hands-on approach engages users into chemistry more deeply. In the lab, an augmented reality app can be used as a vital logistical tool, enabling a technician to scan a room and gain detailed information from all lab components at a glance. All processes can be tracked with dynamic real time data that is linked to current procedural elements. All steps in a procedure can be delivered in sequence, and text linked to beakers, cylinders, and other components can describe contents, duration of process, next steps, etc.

Augmented RealiTease is an augmented reality application design and development company that takes a deliberate and methodical approach to technological innovation. Augmented RealiTease developed its first AR project in 2009, and received the Tabby Award for the Best Healthcare iPad App of 2012. Augmented RealiTease is located just outside of Philadelphia, and our vertically integrated studios can handle all aspects of a custom mobile software application project in house. By removing the need for third parties, Augmented RealiTease keeps production costs streamlined, maintains unbroken communication with clients, and ensures delivery of fully integrated and tested final products upon project completion. Augmented RealiTease strives to exceed our client expectations and provide a flawless end-user experience, designed to reach across every platform and to every device. Whether the project requires database development, eLearning course and platform design and development, 3D computer modeling and animation, graphic design, multimedia production, or any type of custom software design and programming, DDA has the experience and the expertise necessary to make it happen.

If you would like to know more about our augmented reality app for chemistry, either for education or the chemical industry, contact us today to discuss in further detail.

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