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Recent theories about the use of lenses and sophisticated optics among artists as early as the Renaissance period have made it clear that there is a great tradition of the use of drawings aids to achieve more vivid results. David Roberts' amazing collection of drawings in the Middle East is one the last and most impressive uses of drawing as a documentary device just prior to the invention of photography, and he used a camera lucida to ensure perfect proportional accuracy. Augmented reality is a 3D interface you can access from your mobile device, and its immersive and interactive qualities

make it an ideal platform for all types of applications, including and especially handicrafts. AR excels in settings where an intense focus on a small selection of tools enables a user to engage in an accelerated series of instructions that respond to the user in real time, and deliver photorealistic graphics from your unique perspective. DDA's concept for an interactive application as an aid for drawing and calligraphy, Camera Lucida, will continue the tradition of drawing aids, and provide the opportunity for a generation of enthusiasts to engage in this ancient and profound activity.


As the use of mobile devices has proliferated throughout almost all ages and markets, the loss of handicrafts is a real and serious possibility. Fortunately, augmented reality is an innovative new interactive medium that can readily incorporate real-world activities such as drawing into its world. This can attract young users who would otherwise not get involved in art, and provide ways to accelerate their skills.


The camera lucida of the 19th century was a valuable drawing aid for a generation of artists and documentary researchers, and DDA's Camera Lucida will be a fine way to continue the tradition, with a uniquely powerful drawing aid for the 21st century. Now any people, young or old, with almost no prior drawing experience, will be able to have easy access to a highly effective drawing instruction program that can lower the learning curve and encourage them with superior results.


A camera lucida is a small prism held in a stem. The artist adjusts the prism by holding the stem and positioning it between his viewpoint and the subject, reflecting an image from the subject onto his paper. DDA's Camera Lucida will allow an artist to use a smartphone, a tablet, or a hands-free device to draw with augmented reality instructions projected directly onto his paper, with diagrammatic instructions delivered in real time. Whether held in the lap or on an easel, the application will match the perspective of its interface with your camera's lens, and you can set a frame around a selected subject. The applications will then project this image into the page. You can make compositional adjustments before you begin, frame it precisely, and have access to a photorealistic image to work on. Whether it's a still life or a moving figure, the application will respond to shifts in movement, light shadow, and reflection.

Augmented RealiTease has been developing and crafting internet experiences since its inception. As leading creators of custom mobile software applications, Augmented RealiTease launched its first augmented reality project in 2009. Augmented RealiTease continues to take innovative concepts and apply a practical and methodical approach to every project, creating multimedia platforms that deliver real results for our clients and a seamless and effective experiences for end users. Conveniently located just outside Philadelphia, the Augmented RealiTease team of experienced professionals can address nearly any complex software development challenge and craft a solution that is easy to use, maintain, and edit, with an integrated, cost-effective strategy that addresses the core goals of the project and exceeds our clients' expectations. If you would like to know more about Camera Lucida, or if you have another AR project in mind, we would be pleased to discuss it with you. Contact us today.

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