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Google's innovations in mapping technology through applications like Google Maps and Google Earth have revolutionized the way we access navigational and geographic data with a level of interactivity and detail previously unavailable. Augmented reality promises to take the capabilities of this widely-used online experience even further, with an immersive, real-time 3D interface users can access through the camera on their smartphone, tablet, or hands-free device. New augmented reality platforms, such as Apple's ARKit and Android's ARCore, have made the feasibility of AR application development more attractive, with the potential to reach

a huge audience of skilled users. Now anyone can access the augmented reality experience online, with an open frontier of new possibilities for industries and businesses worldwide. As one of the leaders in custom mobile software application development, Augmented RealiTease is excited about the many ways augmented reality can be used to enhance experiences as diverse as simulation training, entertainment, education, travel, and much more. Building Mapping will add dimensions of information that go well beyond Google's Earth's current capabilities, and our concept for an AR Building Mapping application is ready to roll out into the landscape.


Before Google Maps and Google Earth, in the days of paper maps, no one could imagine the navigational capabilities we now so routinely use on a daily basis. A short list of the key innovations; convenient access, detailed information about precise locations at one's fingertips, great interactive capabilities to scan and scale the data, switching from diagrammatic map display to satellite imagery, and photos of the area on the ground directly correlated to the maps, all in real time—these are distinct advantages that have become completely integrated into modern life. Building Mapping will allow users to scan their environment and acquire more data as they move through a place, and allow tourists, students, business travelers, and anyone seeking more information to have an immersive experience that merges seamlessly with their surroundings.


Just as Google has made navigational capabilities an indispensable part of our lives, augmented reality for building mapping will become an equally indispensable and more immersive way to enhance our experience of places, whatever the particular interest of the individual. A building mapping AR app can help engage people more thoroughly in their surroundings, and from all walks of life.


The Building Mapping application will be accessed from your smartphone, and the camera acts as the interface for your AR experience. Your perspective will have a customized layer of 3D computer data introduced into it, with a new level of photorealism and high resolution graphics that update the shadows, reflections, and other effects for a seamless integration of the computer world with your movements and shifts in position. Building mapping will offer many types of building data that can be customized for a particular interest. Tourists can acquire historical data with the potential to alter the setting to a historical reconstruction. Architects can find the name of the firms involved in a building's construction, with specs about HVAC loads, structural and curtain wall systems, etc., and tourists will be able to scan a place for hot spots, restaurants, and directional data, including dynamic lines and arrows layered into their view.

Augmented RealiTease has been crafting experiences for the internet since its inception, and launched its first AR project in 2009. Now that AR is more widely available, with the potential to reach millions of users, Augmented RealiTease believes the time for AR development has never been more advantageous, and is pleased to bring new concepts into the development pipeline. The team of fully-degreed, highly experienced professionals at Augmented RealiTease is prepared to take on any development challenge, with a methodical, step-by-step approach that uncovers opportunities for added value and includes every relevant innovation that can maximize the impact of the end result while keeping true to the core project vision. Augmented RealiTease provides a comprehensive set of software design and development skills and does not outsource any of its work. No matter how complex or extensive in scope, Augmented RealiTease has the capability to ensure a fully functional, trouble-free, and integrated end-user experience, whether it requires database development, 3D computer modeling and animation, graphic design, eLearning , games, or any other type of custom software design and programming. If you would like to learn more about the Building Mapping application, or if you have another specific AR application you'd like to discuss, contact us today.

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