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As a leader in experiential marketing and custom mobile software application design and development, DDA is pleased to introduce the many possibilities offered by Augmented Reality. AR is a 3D interface you can access via a smartphone, iPad or hands free device like a Microsoft Hololens to interact with information in ways never before possible. The benefits provided by this immersive technology will be felt across the entire spectrum of software development and will affect many industries, educational settings,

entertainment venues, and more. The construction and building inspection industry is likely to feel the immediate impact Augmented Reality will have on the way buildings are designed, documented, and reviewed for code compliance. Whether it is used prior to construction in design meetings or after construction during the building inspection process, Build-It will become a new way for the construction industry to evaluate building processes and results.


The business of architecture and construction can make use of Augmented Reality applications in a number of important ways. The ability to layer in virtual 3d computer imagery with photorealistic accuracy offers great opportunities for architects and interior designers to show new design concepts to their client, allowing them to actually stand inside the proposed design. Building trades can use Build-It for laying out work onto existing conditions. Architects can verify if the as-built condition matches the documentation, and building inspectors can assess a building's conditions and code compliance more accurately and comprehensively.


Build-It will save money in the building proposal process and enable clients to receive a more exact picture of the building prior to construction. In many cases, Build-It can facilitate the construction process, providing workers with detailed real-time instructions. Build-It will also enable building inspectors to be more thorough in their work, and visitors to facilities can understand a building complex and its everyday operations more thoroughly.


Floating graphics will reside within your camera viewpoint as if they exist in real space, with changing light, reflections, and shadows. Text and diagrams can appear in the scene to provide detailed information for the inspection, including graphics to show the location of hidden electrical and plumbing lines, wall studs, and HVAC ducts. Build-It can be customized with information for different trades and different inspection purposes. Inspectors can call up past inspection data to compare status reports, and maintenance details can be regularly updated.

Augmented RealiTease has been working with augmented reality since 2009, and we are prepared to take it into the future with applications that educate, facilitate, and inspire. Augmented RealiTease's fully equipped studio, located just outside Philadelphia, has one of the most comprehensive skill sets under one roof. Its team of professional writers, programmers, designers, and multimedia specialists can incorporate any feature into our custom mobile application software, and has the experience to take an initial idea and implement it with seamless integration and efficiency. Augmented RealiTease works closely with our clients to achieve their goals, and AR apps offer a new frontier of innovative, immersive, and valuable experiences. If you would like to discuss the possibilities of Build-It or if you have another idea you would like to develop, contact us today.

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