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Augmented reality is changing the world of online experiences, with applications that range from cutting-edge, state-of-the-art virtual medical simulations, to apps for hobbies like gardening and golf. The world of restaurants and food will also be able to benefit from what AR has to offer, and, as a leading developer of custom mobile software applications, Augmented RealiTease wants to share a set of AR concepts designed to make all types of dining experiences more memorable and fun. One of its more playful ideas is Build-a-Burger,

a fast food app where you can design your own burger before you order it. The 3D interface of AR makes it easy to have a table loaded with toppings for your burger, rendered with photorealistic accuracy, complete with the steam rising from the burger itself, the beads of water on the tomatoes, and the highlights on the mustard and mayo. As an exclusive app for custom burgers, Build-a-Burger is a great way to draw a young audience, with a fun, cost-effective method to engage customers and facilitate sales.


As one of the more robust areas of brick-and-mortar markets, the restaurant business is very competitive, and entrepreneurs are always seeking new methods to appeal to customers with cost-effective marketing strategies. Build-a-Burger enables customers to craft their custom burger before arriving to the restaurant. The fun of the interface will encourage more customers as their order can be prepared before arriving to the establishment.


Interactive ordering methods make the experience more fun, and a tool like Build-a-Burger that engages, as well as establishes, a new ordering model can be the springboard for many new types of food establishments. Augmented RealiTease believes Build-a-Burger can be customized to meet the needs of well-established food chains and innovative entrepreneurs alike, and create a great new buzz for new business, within a platform that is cost-effective and highly flexible.


Build-a-Burger can work something like this: You're hungry. You pick up your smartphone, tablet or other mobile device, and access the app. Here, you will use the camera as your interface, and a table covered in craft paper will be introduced into your viewpoint. Here you can start to make choices. A large selection of buns and bread can appear as if it was really in the room with you. You can interact with the scene, select a piece, and place it on the table. Then, a plate of steaming burgers will arrive, and you can make your selection. The buffet of available toppings will be placed into the scene, followed by an impressive selection of condiments. When you're ready, and everyone has built their burger, you can place your order for pickup or delivery.

Augmented RealiTease has been leading the way in online experiences since the inception of the internet, and developed its first AR project in 2009. The advent of Apple's ARKit, Android's ARCore, and other augmented reality platforms have opened up the development frontier for a new generation of users, and the time for AR application development has never looked so promising. Augmented RealiTease has one of the most comprehensive skill sets of any software development company anywhere, and its clients range come from healthcare, business-to-business, heavy duty industry and manufacturing, and more. Whether the project involves database development, 3D computer modeling and animation, graphic design and multimedia production, or any type of custom software design and programming, Augmented RealiTease's extensive experience with innovative and complex challenges will ensure a final result that delivers on value and performance. If you would like to hear more about Build-a-Burger or some of our other fun AR ideas for the restaurant market, contact us today.

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