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As one of man's most enduring and meaningful pastimes, boating is both primal and technological, and just as motor power has enhanced boats and boating in the course of its technological development, Augmented reality is poised to enhance the experience as well. Augmented reality places a fully functional, interactive 3D computer interface directly into your environment via your mobile computing device. Using a smartphone, tablet, or hands-free device, the activity of boating can be supplemented with many types of graphic and

informational support for navigation, entertainment, and information. AR has the potential to make boating safer and more fun, enriched by the AR landscape. The explosion of the use of mobile online devices and mobile apps has encouraged more and more businesses to test the waters for innovation, and DDA is a leading developer that can transform exciting concepts into software ready to navigate through the competitive marketplace and deliver satisfying results.


While many use boats as a way to disengage from technology and get in touch with less hectic concerns, some types of boating scenarios would welcome the enhanced features augmented reality provides. For example, in sailing situations, real-time rigging procedures can guide even novice sailors through ways to optimize the trim and to keep the jib set straight.


With so much of our youth fully enthralled with their mobile devices, apps that extend their reach to boats and the natural world will serve to reconnect people sitting indoors to the joys and practical benefits of boating in all of its sizes, shapes, and uses from recreation to fishing and navigation.


The activity of boating can be enhanced or entirely recreated in augmented reality, and developers can move in several directions. In one scenario, an AR boating app can be accessed while you are using your boat. As you move through the landscape, floating graphics can add details about the local flora and fauna. Other boats can be identified, and details can be shared with other boaters. Activities like water skiing can be enhanced in several ways, and there are exciting opportunities to add details to the landscape, or to add avatars and fantasy characters on the water for an adventure out on the high seas. In a virtual setting, the experience of travelling in a boat can be set up in your living room. You can select the type of boat you would like to use, specify a landscape and type of waterway, and acquire operational details from a virtual skipper. Like a flight simulator, augmented reality immerses you in the experience, and now, with high resolution graphics delivered in real time through your mobile device, you can have access to photorealistic effects and interface options of unprecedented realism and interactivity.

Augmented RealiTease brings an extensive range of experience and expertise to each and every custom mobile software development project it takes on. Augmented RealiTease's facilities are located just outside of Philadelphia and house one of the most comprehensive skills sets available in anywhere in digital and interactive multimedia design and development. Augmented RealiTease introduced its first AR project in 2009, and specializes in all types of custom software, from corporate and medical training/eLearning platforms, games, videos, animations, mobile applications and more for an equally diverse range of businesses and organizations. The world of AR development has taken off with the advent of widespread use of online devices, and Augmented RealiTease is ideally situated to guide our clients through the augmented reality landscape. If you are interested in developing a boating project incorporating AR, or if you are thinking about another AR concept that works for your business, we'd love to hear about it. Contact us today.

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