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Augmented reality is changing the way we access and process information, and enhancing experiences that range from medical training and equipment operation to new forms of entertainment using 3D computer environments and avatars. But augmented reality also has a lot to offer dedicated hobbyists out in the natural world with

new applications designed to enrich the experience of hiking and camping. DDA's birdwatching app Birdwatch AR is an augmented reality concept many nature lovers will want to use, both for its convenience and the experience that layers in rich detailed information as you adjust to activity in the outdoor landscape.


While birdwatching is a widely popular activity worldwide, augmented reality has the potential to give people access to interactive information like never before. By using your smartphone or some other mobile device, your smartphone screen can display layers of data when a bird comes into view. BirdWatch AR will open up a whole world of information at your fingertips, without the need to consult a guidebook or other types of information that require momentary interruptions from your viewing pleasure.


Birdwatching is a wholesome, relaxing, and educational experience for naturalists, hobbyists, and families. Augmented reality provides a 3D interface delivery system for information that stays within the flow of your experience for a more immersive relationship with both nature and the biological data to support it. Birdwatch AR is about to make an impact on the hobby and attract more and more people to this engaging and enlightening pastime.


Birdwatching is one of those experiences that require great focus and attention to detail, and Birdwatch AR can help you discover more when you're out in the woods. Floating labels can appear when birds are viewed by your smartphone camera lens. A birdwatcher can remain in focus while the information updates in real time. Migration information, species, sex, and other details can be provided and then quickly disappear. When another bird is focused on, their details will also appear on screen and within your viewpoint. When you take a photo, you will have the option to label it with the AR data. Auditory details can also be identified. The smartphone microphone will detect and identify birdsong for both hidden and identified birds, and directional data can locate their path before, during, and after their migration. You can even identify birds specifically if they stay in one location, allowing you to track specific birds by individual names for a more intimate experience. Finally, Birdwatching can record the experience collect the data from the excursion and assemble the details from the experience into a database and digital journal so you can track birds over the seasons.

As leaders in 3D hybrid technology and AR, Augmented RealiTease introduced our first augmented reality project in 2009. Now, with the wide availability of online tools such as smartphones and tablets, the future of AR mobile software applications is robust. Augmented RealiTease has been developing award winning custom mobile application software since the advent of the smartphone and tablet, and its studios, located just outside Philadelphia, have deep experience with the design, construction, and implementation of all types of custom software, from eLearning portals and database development, to virtual reality, games and gamified eLearning platforms, and mobile apps for both medical and business training. The Augmented RealiTease approach is centered on an iterative, methodical process that keeps clients regularly informed, and strives to exceed client expectations. If you want to discuss the details of Birdwatch AR, or if you have another innovative idea for your interest or industry, Augmented RealiTease would be happy to have a conversation. Contact us today.

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