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Augmented reality is changing the information landscape with an exciting 3D interface that is poised to transform the way we use modern technology. There are also exciting possibilities for augmented reality to enhance aspects of our traditional practices, using compelling graphics that illustrate long and important texts. Religious documents like the Bible can be enhanced with the AR interface, providing numerous opportunities to bring its drama and spiritual truth into one's personal study,

a family's weekly religious practices, or Bible study groups across the world. Bible AR, DDA's concept for a mobile software application, will attempt to depict scenarios in the Bible and augment the text in a supportive, reverential, yet immersive and compelling experience that will attract more followers and reinforce the beliefs of Christians everywhere.


From the times of early history, believers have sought to make the truth of the Bible more accessible through imagery that depicts important moments and decisive events. From the mosaics of the early Christians, the stained glass of medieval cathedrals, to renaissance frescoes, great artists have attempted to provide images for the Bible, allowing an illiterate or non-Latin speaking congregation to understand its meaning more fully. Augmented Reality intends to intersect the stories of the Bible more directly into your personal experience, with a level of interactivity and vividness previously unattainable.


Bible AR gives Christians another valuable way to gain more insight of this sacred text and to reach more followers as they search for a deeper understanding. The ability to call up significant moments in a study context allows for an interactive relationship with both the text and the subsequent depiction of the text for a more complete presentation that captures the attention and supports the beliefs of the students. Bible AR gives the clergy and the church another important way to deliver the message of the holy book.


By accessing the application from your smartphone, tablet, or hands-free device, one or more participants can select a passage from the Bible. The scenario of that passage can be recreated in the space of your living room, classroom, or church. 3D characters will appear in the space as if they inhabit your perspective. Photorealistic graphics make the scene come alive, delivering high resolution imagery in real time. Critical moments can be paused, repeated, and studied, just like in a Bible study session. While many films have been produced that attempt to present the full impact of the Bible to the public, Augmented RealiTease believes the Bible AR app has the potential to be even more dramatic and compelling for followers interested in developing their experience of the Christian faith.

As leading developers of experiential marketing, Augmented RealiTease is ideally positioned to implement the many exciting possibilities of augmented reality. Augmented RealiTease's studios are located just outside Philadelphia, and offer a wide range of production capabilities few companies can match. Augmented RealiTease has been involved with augmented reality since the launch of our first project in 2009, and can incorporate nearly any type of special features required for a custom mobile software application. Whether it includes professional graphic design, database development, eLearning course and platform creation, 3D modeling and animation, games, or custom software design and programming, Augmented RealiTease can take an innovative concept and bring it to full realization, with practical and cost-effective strategies designed to exceed client expectations and deliver maximum impact to the marketplace. If you would like to discuss the possibilities of Bible AR or some other AR concept with us, we would be happy to schedule a time to meet. Contact us today.

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