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DDA is pleased to offer development opportunities for businesses seeking custom mobile software, and now, with the advent of Augmented Reality, businesses have new tools to communicate with each other and market their products and services in a new and exciting 3D interface. Augmented Reality is a game changing development for interface design, with the ability to place clients and customers in a customized environment directly from their online device. Since DDA launched its first AR project in 2009, the wide availability of high resolution online devices with the capability to deliver photorealistic graphics in real time has made Augmented Reality more feasible for businesses from all types of industries to shift into this new paradigm of experiential marketing.

When you access an Augmented Reality app from your smartphone, tablet, or hands-free device, your camera viewpoint acts as a 3D computer interface that can be fully customized to suit a particular activity or interest. All types of material can be presented. 3D computer avatars can guide people through a landscape layered directly over your unique perspective, with computer modeled objects that can be reviewed and manipulated interactively. Shadows and reflections update in real time to match your environment. Other types of floating graphics and text can be introduced for real time data to support the imagery.

Used as a comprehensive tool, Augmented Reality is a presentation tool of unprecedented capability, one that can immerse an individual or audience, or a network of users, and engage them in a fully immersive experience where they test objects, receive performance feedback, and fully communicate with the data, the business, and its associated products and services. Business-to-Business marketing will find myriad ways to deploy this capability with apps customized to put their personal, operational, and production skills in the best light.

DDA specializes in presenting products and services to their best advantage in the marketplace with logic-driven strategies designed to maximize impact and optimize performance. As leading creators of award winning, innovative mobile software applications, DDA offers the widest selection of experiential marketing services available anywhere. Our facility, located outside Philadelphia, is equipped with a professional multimedia suite and a sound booth. Our staff of degreed professionals includes software programmers and designers, graphic designers and animators, writers, and multimedia specialists. Whatever the scope and special requirements of the project, DDA is prepared to handle the entire assignment. Because we do not outsource any of our work, we are able to ensure complete integration of all components and a flawless end user experience. If you would like to know more about how DDA and Augmented Reality can help your business, let’s set up a time to discuss it.

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