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Augmented reality is going to change the way we use our smartphone, with capabilities that can enable many businesses to have a new view on information. By introducing a 3D computer interface that interacts with your viewpoint, many users will have access to high quality photorealistic graphics delivered in real time that matches and adjusts to your shifting perspective. This allows to people to move through spaces and have access to detailed information that is customized to their interests and requirements.

DDA's B2B ToolKit is an exciting concept for a business-to-business application that will provide users with an immersive experience for a detailed review of a business' products and services—its merchandise, processing, equipment, and any other important aspects of their business and brand identity. Augmented RealiTease believes the B2B ToolKit is bound to have a major impact for businesses seeking to attract other businesses for increased production and sales.


Presenting a company brand and its associated products and services, both to clients and potential and existing business partners, is an important part of B2B experiential marketing. For displaying products and specialized services in a more engaging and immersive way, augmented reality adds more powerful tools to deliver a business's message. The B2B ToolKit can provide this to the market, with enhanced 3D features that make it an on site tool you won't want to be without.


For business owners looking to demonstrate their products or services to other companies, Augmented RealiTease's B2B ToolKit will continue to add value, as virtual product lines and equipment upgrades can be easily and cost effectively updated. The B2B ToolKit provides essential market brand information in real time at your fingertips. When businesses remain engaged with decision making tools, they are bound to benefit from the synergy.


Using your smartphone or iPad, you can access the B2B ToolKit and step into a company's brand identity. Augmented reality provides a layer of brand information, like a customized version of your space that immerses you in a company's vision. You can examine a product line of machinery or computers or any other product virtually presented in your own offices with photorealistic detail than and lighting and shadows that respond to the changes in your environment. You will be able to interact with virtual machinery or merchandise. Processes and technical details can be demonstrated in 3D models, along with floating graphics and text. In short, the B2B Toolkit gives you a dynamic extension of the marketing booth, conference room, or factory floor, allowing for a more comprehensive vision and more interactive features.

As a leader in experiential marketing, Augmented RealiTease is committed to the success of our clients. Augmented RealiTease takes on any custom software challenge with a dedicated team of professionals who are highly experienced with turning innovative ideas into marketable products, delivering results that can be tracked and measured. Through a rigorous, iterative, and methodical development approach, along with continuous communication, Augmented RealiTease can incorporate any type of custom feature into the project, from video production to database development, eLearning platforms, 3D computer modeling, and more. The Augmented RealiTease studios are unique in the range of services available under one roof. This helps keep costs down, and operations streamlined. Augmented RealiTease does not outsource any of our work, ensuring the final product is seamlessly integrated and flawless in its execution. If you are interested in developing the B2B ToolKit with us, or if you want to discuss the many opportunities in the augmented reality landscape, Augmented RealiTease would be pleased to hear from you. Contact us today.

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