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Augmented reality is already having an impact in the way we see the world, with graphics that enhance NFL football games to mark first downs, red zones, and the line of scrimmage. When you watch MLB baseball and a graphic rectangle appears, indicating the strike zone to gauge whether a called strike really is a strike, you are watching augmented reality. Facebook's popular camera effects feature, where you add graphics to your camera view, is another piece of the augmented reality puzzle.

Apple and Android can both see the promising future of this technology and have responded with ARKit and ARCore, their respective AR development platforms. This opens up the development floodgates for augmented reality, with the potential for a more widespread distribution and application of augmented reality and a wider spectrum of new apps and new ideas for industries and activities.


Virtual reality was a precursor to augmented reality, with an exploration of 3D graphics to make an immersive experience. By combining virtual graphics with a user's unique camera perspective, augmented reality benefits from the integration of the two worlds, with the ability to present photorealistic 3D graphics as if they inhabit the same space as the user. Augmented reality brings the virtual world into your world with unprecedented vividness and dynamic interaction. Shadows, highlights and reflections update in real time, and users can interact with these elements more deeply and meaningfully than any video game. AR Cosplay provides users with a way to create avatars based on your favorite characters from TV, movies, and video games, as well as the ability to create completely new characters and jump into their skin for virtual cosplay that goes far beyond sequins and rubber masks.


While AR Cosplay can offer users all kinds of fun in an entertainment context, it can also offer practical benefits for people who want to link their subgroup to public events. People from all walks of life and all types of special interests can use the AR Cosplay to create virtual identities that play out in real life and enhance their participation.


Using a smartphone or tablet, people can access AR Cosplay to set up a new avatar. You can select characters from a long menu of choices, and you can build new characters from a menu of arms, legs, heads, accessories, and costumes. There can be a feature to customize your creation even further, with the ability to factor in unique behaviors, voices, and props to develop an avatar into a totally new creature. The networking capability allows you to share avatars with friends, acting as an independent agent or one you inhabit yourself. You and your friends can walk around with the most detailed and adventurous costumes without others knowing about it. App users can see your costume while others can't. AR Cosplay can be used to identify group members in a crowd for more fun at Comicon and many types of special events like concerts, parties, and much more.

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Augmented RealiTease focuses on the design and development of augmented reality applications, and, as a full-service interactive multimedia developer, their experience in interactive multimedia design has touched on virtually all forms of digital interactive multimedia design and development. DDA, its parent company, was founded in 1994, and continues to lead the way in mobile application development, with award-winning mobile applications and services. Augmented RealiTease introduced its first augmented reality project in 2009, and won Tabby Awards in both 2012 and 2014 for two of its own original tablet applications, in addition to multiple awards for interactive web design and search engine marketing. By using a methodical and iterative process, Augmented RealiTease works closely with their clients to achieve cost effective results that stand out in the marketplace. Whether the project requires videos, animations, mobile apps, and more, Augmented RealiTease's team of experienced professional designers, programmers, and multimedia specialists has the comprehensive skill set to do all of the work in house, without the need to subcontract out any portion to third parties. This ensures a complete integration of all project components for a flawless end user experience, across all platforms and every device. Learn more about augmented reality and how it can affect your business. Make an impact in your business community and stand out in a fast-paced market. Contact Augmented RealiTease today to discuss the details of your AR project.

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