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Mobile software developers worldwide are responding to the challenges and opportunities provided by Augmented Reality. This innovative 3D computer interface offers numerous advantages for many disciplines and industries with immersive and interactive capabilities that can radically advance learning programs of all types, from detailed medical training to the assembly of components into a complex machine,

piece of furniture, or a child's bicycle. DDA's concept for an assembly application, Assemble-It, combines some of the best features of Augmented Reality to make a program that is easily customizable for the developer, a centralized source of information and assembly instructions for the manufacturer and a memorable and effective technique for easy-to-use assembly instructions for the end user.


For individual users, augmented reality assembly instructions fill a real need to gain greater competency over the rapidly advancing world of complex products. For large companies such as IKEA, the opportunity to provide a central paperless source for compelling and effective assembly instructions could save millions while providing a steady and reliable location for all users. For training programs in factories, augmented reality assembly programs can lessen the learning curve and save money through the use of virtual resources.


Assemble-It can act as a handy tool for many types of assembly operations on a personal app with a multipurpose goal. It can also be developed by individual companies for proprietary assembly instructions. In a factory setting for advanced training purposes, people can receive certification for competency and eligibility for potential employment. Finally, Assemble-It can be developed as a sort of Sears's catalog of assembly instructions, with a database of assembly operations for a wide variety of standardized products.


Assemble-It is accessed from your smartphone, tablet, or other type of online device. You can call up the specific type of object or machine you wish to assemble via a company website or personal app. You will get detailed and animated instructions through the smartphone screen interface. Instructions can be carried out in several ways that make different use of the interactive capabilities of AR. A 3D virtual object can float inside the scene of your camera viewpoint. You can compare the components in your hand with the 3D virtual components. Directional arrows will show you how to connect the parts with indications for tools or specialized operations. You can compare the details of the finished assembly with the virtual model for verification. A number of tests can also be included to verify a successful assembly.

Augmented RealiTease is a leading developer of mobile software applications, and Assemble-It is one of the many concepts it has conceived for augmented reality development. The Augmented RealiTease studios, located just outside Philadelphia, are fully equipped to handle virtually any sort of specialized requirement. Because Augmented RealiTease does not outsource its work, the company maintains one of the most comprehensive and accomplished sets of capabilities under one roof. Augmented RealiTease has clients across the entire spectrum of custom software development, and is prepared to accept any challenge, from database management, eLearning portals, virtual games, custom software design and programming, and professional multimedia production. If you have any questions about Assemble-It, or if you want to discuss the possibilities of augmented reality, don't hesitate to contact us.

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