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From the theater, to the film, to the graphic user interface, one of the most important goals in any medium has been the immersion of the spectator into a memorable and engaging experience. Augmented Reality is a 3D interface that advances these ambitions even further. Classic Sci-fi films like Terminator

and Minority Report gave some early indication of Augmented Reality interfaces, and now the future of AR is here. More mobile apps use AR as the source of the interface, and innovative developers are providing associated hardware to make the effect of the experience even more compelling.

As Augmented Reality becomes increasingly incorporated into the mobile app landscape, the need for hands-free options requires a new wave of design innovation. Google Glass made a somewhat underwhelming impression on the public, and new AR eyewear has learned these lessons to make remarkable advances on style, function, and the range of applications for its use.


The issues encountered with the release of Google Glass have informed design criteria for new AR eyewear and design. First, there needs to be options which blend in to current style trends and do not announce their unusual AR status. This way, more people will adopt the use of AR eyewear sooner, and feel free to take advantage of AR functionality without standing out in a crowd. Others might seek a style that subtly signals to others in the know, with distinct markings and brand logos that give only a hint of what the eyewear can really do. Others will be able to choose a style that openly declares their AR status, with eyewear features that boldly assert the user is making use of Augmented Reality to enhance their everyday lifestyle. From Clark Kent to Cyborg, new AR eyewear style will let you make the choice that suits your personal style best.


The introduction of Apple and Android's platforms for augmented reality, named ARKit and ARCore respectively, has opened up the availability of this immersive 3D interface to a wider audience. Anyone with a smartphone or tablet can access augmented reality apps using the camera as the source of the interface. Augmented reality allows users to operate and interact with app content in a hands free context, where actual or virtual tools can be manipulated. Virtual tools can be programmed with haptic intelligence, which allows sensations of heft, smell, mechanical properties, and other types of feedback to further immerse users into their virtual environment. The setting can be readily changed to suit any specific purpose, from advanced training to entertainment, and 3D avatars can guide your movements. Running text displays give app-specific information, with the ability to attach text labels to both actual and virtual objects in the scene.

Range of Applications

AR eyewear will open up the range of available AR app development, as the ability to free the hands of a device can serve many types of industries and activities. Simulation technology holds great promise for a wide variety of specialized training and equipment operation procedures, and AR eyewear will likely play a major role in the future. AR eyewear has the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with the world and to further develop the way computer data can be meshed into our experience. The breaking of the fourth wall, as it is referred to in the world of theater, is now compete, with AR eyewear that sets you directly into the spectacle.



Augmented RealiTease is an augmented reality app development company with an extensive level of experience in innovative custom mobile app software. As pioneers in VMS, or virtual medical simulations, Augmented RealiTease is excited about the latest developments in augmented reality technology. Augmented RealiTease can see many opportunities to expand the use of AR, from enhancing robotic surgery and other cutting edge procedures, to everyday activities like tennis and sailing. Augmented RealiTease launched its first AR project in 2009, and received the Tabby Award for the Best Healthcare iPad App of 2012. With the introduction of ARKit and ARCore, there's never been a more feasible and advantageous time to create innovative mobile apps, and we are uniquely qualified to guide you through the augmented reality landscape.

Augmented RealiTease's studios are conveniently located just outside of Philadelphia, and the company has established a long list of satisfied clients. By using a methodical, collaborative, and iterative approach to interactive media design and development, executed within a vertically integrated organizational structure, Augmented RealiTease is prepared to handle any AR app development challenge in house, without the use of third parties. With its experienced staff of professional designers, programmers, and multimedia specialists, Augmented RealiTease maintain one of the most comprehensive skill sets of any AR app development company anywhere. Doing all of the work in house allows Augmented RealiTease to keep production costs streamlined and ensure continuous communication with our clients during each phase of the design and development process. The final product is fully tested to deliver a flawless and engaging experience across every platform, to every device, and for every user. If you want to work with an augmented reality app company that strives to exceed your expectations, contact us today.

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