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AR Aquarium Augmented Reality Application

AR Aquarium

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Augmented reality offers a whole new way to interact with the world, where interactive imagery and context-specific information is coordinated with the environment around the viewer. Augmented reality's potential to enhance real-world experience with interactive multimedia has enormous potential to transform how we engage in real life. With Apple's and Android's releases of their development platforms (ARKit and ARCore respectively), augmented reality application development is now more time and cost effective, making it in reach of a broader range of businesses and organizations than ever before. With its extensive experience in pushing the boundaries of application design, Augmented RealiTease is uniquely positioned to usher in the age of augmented reality.

The AR Aquarium concept is a great example of how augmented reality applications can enhance learning in a experiential context while also increasing engagement through fun interactive features. By recognizing specific species and their features, augmented reality apps can layer context-relevant information providing greater detail to the viewer on what they are looking at. Additional audio and video resources can be coordinated with fauna and florea, and other interactive features can help aquariums promote themselves.


With AR Aquarium, relying on guides and written placards for additional information on exhibits is over. Learning becomes self-directed and more engaging, with visitors using their augmented reality application to point towards their object of interest and obtain additional text and multimedia information on the specific topic. Users can also view their friends and family within an aquatic environment with virtual marine animals and take pictures for sharing on social media to help promote the aquarium.


The AR Aquarium app concept offers an exceptional new way for aquariums to distinguish themselves from competing attractions with a more rewarding, self-directed, and exploratory learning experience. Fun interactive imaging features enhance fun for visitors while serving promotional aims that leverage visitors' own social media channels.


The AR Aquarium augmented reality application concept will be used to offer additional information on the exhibits and the specific flora and fauna shown at each designated spot. AR Aquarium will recognize animals and plants by species as indicated by exhibit icons seen through the camera view and highlight to indicate to the user additional information is available. Tapping the highlighted creature or plant will bring up the species name and quick facts outlining the essentials. The AR Aquarium can also be designed to recognize specific exhibits and the specific aquatic environments that are being portrayed in each, with details on these marine environments coming up in camera view in response to user input. In addition to textual information, the AR Aquarium app can also present images or link to videos to provide visitors with even richer multimedia information on the species and environments observed.

The AR Aquarium app will also feature a fun promotional piece. Users will be able to layer an aquatic environment onto the camera view, which will add a blue translucence to simulate an underwater scene that is completed with seaweed, coral, and other typical environmental cues. Users can select virtual 3D marine animals to populate the scene, floating the animals wherever they wish, with options to read fun facts on the animals or watch a short video about the aquarium. The virtual marine animals will be fixed in space, so users can walk around them to see different angles. They can then capture still pictures of the augmented reality simulated aquatic scene, which will be automatically branded with the aquarium's name and logo. The new AR image can then be easily shared on social media, allowing visitors to let their friends know where they are, and thus encouraging positive testimonials from actual visitors and expanding their impact.

About Augmented RealiTease

DDA formed its division Augmented RealiTease in 2018 to promote the widespread adoption of augmented reality application design and development with the new opportunities presented from the introduction of AR app development kits from Apple and Android. Established in 1994, DDA has pioneered a wide variety of interactive multimedia platforms. Its wins of two Tabby Awards for Best iPad Healthcare Application in 2012 and 2014, and its leading role in developing virtual medical simulations, testify to the company's long history of successful innovation. Augmented RealiTease's first AR project was launched in 2009, and the company believes now is the best opportunity to seize upon augmented reality app development to help distinguish one's business or organization as a early adopter of advanced interactive technology.

Augmented RealiTease is a vertically integrated, one-stop design and development shop that performs all its work in house, with no outsourcing. Its methodical and iterative approach allows for the maximization of value by ensuring that design and development consistently tracks with client direction and expectation at every turn, reducing waste in exploring design directions that are ultimately rejected and keeping a singular focus on client needs at every step in the process. The end result are innovative and richly rewarding applications that offer immersive interactive multimedia experiences which keep users deeply and engaged and distinguish businesses and organizations from the herd. From video and animation to 3D modeling, interactive programming, database development, certification, and more, whatever additional needs may be required to support the development of augmented reality applications, Augmented RealiTease stands prepared to deliver. Learn more about AR Aquarium, or share your own ideas for augmented reality development. Contact Augmented RealiTease today.

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