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Augmented reality is an exciting new development in interface design, and will likely be used across the entire spectrum of software application design and development. The interface employs the camera on a mobile device like a phone or tablet and introduces a range of virtual elements to create a unique integration of computer data dynamically linked to real elements in one's environment. This makes it possible to build a virtual world that's layered onto the camera view, one that shifts and adjusts to a user's changing position in real time. The release of Apple and Android's AR development platforms, named ARKit and ARCore respectively, has paved the way for the widespread development and implementation of augmented reality applications.

Augmented RealiTease is a full service interactive software developer with a focus on the design and development of augmented reality applications. As a leading developer of cutting edge software applications, Augmented RealiTease created its first AR project in 2009, and created a number of augmented reality concepts for entertainment, education, online training, and medical applications.

Holiday Decoration AR is an augmented reality concept that offers a great way to previsualize your ambitious decoration projects in the home or office.


Sometimes it's helpful to be able to communicate large decoration projects to others, or simply to plan them out so you can see them yourself. Whether it's in the home or office, Holiday Decoration AR will help users build their virtual decorations directly into their intended destination, with a detailed simulation that looks like it's already there, complete with all of the colors, shadows, and light effects. Holiday Decoration AR provides a fun, interactive, real-time tool to try out different decoration ideas, share them with family members and colleagues, and facilitate the design process for the project.


Holiday Decoration AR can provide a fun, engaging, and highly effective way for many types of users, from professional event planners to families celebrating big events in their lives, to create a detailed plan for their decorations, and to make their event a success in cost and impact.


Using your tablet or smartphone, the Holiday Decoration AR would allow users to select from a large menu of decoration options, including bunting, banners, garlands, and more. A lighting menu offers ways to array strands of lights, with the capability to realistically portray the light effect within the space in real time. Holiday Decoration AR could be developed to introduce purchased items into the menu and apply them to the scene, and a running estimate of the costs could allow users to arrive at an accurate assessment of the overall costs for the project.

Holiday Decoration AR would be especially useful for staging and planning large events such as weddings, election events, corporate conventions, and conference events, with the ability to interactively design large scale decoration projects, display them with photorealistic accuracy, develop several options with pricing information, and show them to others for review or providing detailed instructions for staff. For example, if you want to spend a target amount for a retirement party, you could work with a small team to scan the space, add decorations and stage areas for catered food and drinks. Each team member could work together to make one proposal, or each could assemble the components independently and choose the best option, and at a price close to the target.

Since its inception in 1994, DDA, the parent company for Augmented RealiTease, has been a leader in virtually all forms of digital interactive multimedia design and development. As a response to new developments in AR technology, DDA formed Augmented RealiTease to focus on the design and development of augmented reality applications. In addition to multiple awards for interactive web design and search engine marketing, DDA won Tabby Awards in both 2012 and 2014 for two of its own original tablet applications. DDA's vertically integrated team of professional designers, programmers, and multimedia specialists has the capability to carry out all aspects of a project in house, without the use of third parties. This one-stop-shop approach allows Augmented RealiTease to control costs, streamline the process, ensure full integration of all project components, and maintain excellent communication with the client.

Whether the project involves online corporate training, medical eLearning platforms, videos, animations, mobile apps, and or any other type of software design or development challenge, Augmented RealiTease will reach every device and perform on every platform, with results that exceed expectations. Learn more about Holiday Decoration AR, and contact Augmented RealiTease today to take full advantage of the benefits and features of augmented reality.

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