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Augmented reality is a game changing development in the world of interactive multimedia design, and is poised to change the way we access computer information. Known in popular forms through TV sports events, where AR is used to mark out first downs, red zones, and lines of scrimmage in NFL football, or the strike zone in MLB baseball, augmented reality is about to be employed for all types of new software applications. Apple and Android have released their own AR development platforms, named ARKit and ARCore respectively, and have opened up a new frontier for widespread development and implementation. New augmented reality applications use the camera on a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet to introduce virtual elements into the view to create a unique combination of interactive multimedia with real elements in one's environment. This interface creates an engaging and immersive user experience that can be readily used for many types of applications, from corporate training to equipment instruction, entertainment, and other types of information delivery.

DDA has been a pioneer in virtually all forms of digital interactive multimedia design and development. In response to ARCore and ARKit, and the widespread availability of AR for mobile applications, DDA has created Augmented RealiTease. As a full-service interactive software developer with an exclusive focus on the design and development of augmented reality applications, Augmented RealiTease created its first AR project in 2009. The expanding potential of augmented reality has prompted Augmented RealiTease to create a large set of augmented reality concepts to indicate the extent of AR's possibilities.

Firestorm AR is an app concept intended to provide detailed graphic information for those living in forested areas to keep track of potential hazards.


In some areas of the country, dry conditions in forests can present special challenges and associated hazards. Firestorm AR will help users scan their environment to find virtual markers to alert them to any possible firestorm conditions. Firestorm AR offers an effective, interactive, real-time tool to check local conditions, share them with family and community members and take the proper precautions, as well as receive updated and highly localized navigation information in the event of evacuation.


Firestorm AR can provide a dynamic and effective information tool for people living in areas where hazards can form quickly. Keeping regular track of these hazards with a tool that provides a virtual fire weather report just by scanning your property can give both highly local and regionally relevant information to stay a few more steps away from potential danger.


Firestorm AR would allow users to access the camera on their tablet or mobile phone. Virtual markers will appear with associated text labels. The information can indicate where the hazard is located with GPS coordinates, the size of the fire, wind speed, and potential and direction of its expansion. For everyday use, Firestorm AR could allow for a 360-degree scan of one's local environment to measure the colors of trees and bushes for dryness, the size and color of piles of leaves and debris, and keep a running measure of how much rain has fallen. In emergency conditions, Firestorm AR would quickly orient a user to the current status of the firestorm(s), and alert them to the often rapidly changing conditions. The app will also offer highly localized real-time traffic information and navigation in emergencies.

Recent firestorms in California have shown that many storms can appear quickly and all at once. If wind conditions are high, the situation can become especially volatile, and the population needs tools to make quick and accurate decisions. A navigation feature can take the latest information and mark out different navigation options to determine the safest route out to safety.

Augmented RealiTease's extensive background and wide range of capabilities makes them ideally suited for your AR project. A highly skilled team of professional designers, programmers, and multimedia specialists is able to complete all aspects of a project in house, without any outsourcing to third-party subcontractors. This streamlined working process allows Augmented RealiTease to keep costs under control, and ensures that all project components are seamlessly integrated. Augmented RealiTease won Tabby Awards in both 2012 and 2014 for two of its own original tablet applications, in addition to multiple awards for interactive web design and search engine marketing. They are ready to work closely with you to achieve results that surprise, engage, and inform the user, across every platform and to every device.

Whether the project involves online corporate training, medical eLearning platforms, videos, animations, mobile apps, and any other type of software design or development challenge, Augmented RealiTease is prepared to deliver real value. Learn more about Firestorm AR, take full advantage of the benefits and features of augmented reality, and contact Augmented RealiTease today.

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